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(on the scene)

Updated: 2018-03-06T21:16:02.920-05:00




serious question time, but what girl doesn't love gleeter?! glitter = cheery buckets of glee. and throw in some rhinestones/gems and i am in bedazzled heaven. for serious. i love that all these designer shoe makers are practically Lisa Franking out their sky-high pumps. L.O.V.E.! following are some of my favorite pairs, within reasonable price:
Kate Spade New York Giada

Steve Madden I-Lyddia
Steve Madden Scandall
Enzo Angiolini Kylin
Enzo Angiolini Smiles
Enzo Angiolini Sully
Guess Hondo 3

but since i'm on a serious budget here, i've decided to DIY my very own pair of pumps. thanks to the help of MoreThanJazzz and long scrolls through Google images/tutorials, i have successfully created new shoe eye candy! will post the results some time over the weekend, but for now i can say they look a bit similar to these beauts (but in a darker gold with more blush tones):
Chinese Laundry Honey Don't

it's a glitterati party 24/7 now ;)
have done any DIY projects recently? do share!

fresh cuts


new haircut post, bringing the side swept bangs back:

pre-haircut. longest locks i've probably ever had. in for a much needed taming trim!
(p.s. - enjoy my dbag kissyface, hahah)

post-haircut from Acote salon on Newbury street.

i had to play with my bangs for a while for them to sit the way i wanted (these pics aren't the best, but i tried!). other than that, i got my layers back and my hair dresser did a fabulous job. highly recommend.



Since this was a really simple outfit day, I decided to focus on my main accessory: my Chanel specs!


I've had these prescription glasses for maybe 2 years now (but been blind since nearly forever), and these big black frames have yet to go out of style. For me, it's the combo of geek chic mixed with a wider spectrum of which to see from - I have smaller/narrower purple Lacoste prescription glasses, but they just don't cover as much ground due to the smaller lenses.

What's your favorite accessory? Do you tend to wear bigger glasses/sunglasses or stick with the small and simple?



outfit post #2:

pink geometric print ruffle dress & gold/pearl necklace - F21
grey cardigan - H&M
Alfani tan boots - Macy's

and a closeup of my grey faux crocodile print tote - ASOS

i can't wait to wear more COLOR once the spring is actually here. not that there's a rule that doesn't allow colors in the winter, but i justcan't help leaning more towards blacks and greys while battling through these cold days.

any items stored up in your closets that you can't wait to break out once sunny spring hits?!

a sea of outfit posts with a side of cheese, coming right up!


man, getting back into the groove of blogging can be really tough, but thankfully i have my faithful bouzins to keep me in check (aka, keep bugging me about posting). thus, following the lead of MoreThanJazzz on her outfit posts, i have scheduled a new outfit post for every other day so that this blog space doesn't suffer from the once-a-month post syndrome. i also like the idea of documenting my outfits, so that one day i can look back and either say "ohay qt!" or "what was i thinking?!"

and so begins, outfit post #1:

leopard print top & khaki skirt - F21
black "knotted rope" belt & oversized "diamond rock" necklace - old H&M
Gucci handbag & Burberry watch

how cheesy are these poses, huh? hahah, i embarrass myself sometimes...err...too much. but that leopard top is one of my new favorites, since it's been a staple print for me all my life and the comfort of it is like a dream. any staple items in your closets?

Fond of My Four Eyes


So after many attempts to steal my look (RE: MoreThanJazzz trying to steal my exact same Chanel 3135 glasses frames), I have decided to dedicate a post to all the *newest* frames I would like to soon add to my growing glasses collection/failing eyesight:Turquesa Rounc Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)Shell 658 Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)Sting Tortoise Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)Russel Party Habana Vintage Eyeglasses (via MODvintageshop on Etsy)Actually, MODvintageshop's entire collection of frames is incredibly appealing (not to mention incredibly affordable). I love the Red Transparent Round ones & the 50s Transparent Frames with pink edges, but the above 4 colors just seem like they'd work better with my face/complexion. If you remember my sunglasses collection post from way back when (peep it here), then you know I have a more than slight obsession with glasses/sunglasses of all types. I'm hoping to do an updated post now that it's been over a year and the collection has most definitely grown (though I did get rid of a few really old pairs!). More on that to come, so stay tuned! :P[...]

VDay weekend & my new love packages!


So I totes owe MoreThanJazzz & BayVag about a million overdue blog posts, but hey better late than never! So, I'm going to skip all the verbal descriptions and just skip to all the visuals:

Getting ready for VDay weekend sushi dinner & scorpion bowls in my new ASOS mono sleeved dress, which I love and is super comfy. Finding the right accessories proved to be difficult as always, so this was version #1:

and this would be version #2, aka the final version since it was waaay too cold out to go out without material covering my legs:
haha Mike's fake smile, such a boy. I'd definitely prefer the first version of how I wore this dress, but winter somehow just somehow forces you to wear black when covering up. I cannot wait for spring/summer! But I do love my final choice of accessories: a short embellished necklace, a couple of rhinestone bracelets, and of course my leopard print nails!
And last, but certainly not least, is my bag wear out that night. Aka my new favorite accessories probably of all time:
My new vintage Gucci handbag and the key items I keep inside, my Gucci sunnies and Louis Vuitton wallet. loveloveloves.

How were your weekends, loves?! Hope it was filled with fun & fabulosity, as always :)

Shoppapalooza Sunday


So my good ol' overtime paycheck just came in, and besides finally purchasing the tortoise ASOS watch and grey croc print ASOS over-sized bag in my last post, here's the rest of my much needed purchases from over this weekend:

purple flowy one shoulder dress (via ASOS)

geometric baby doll dress (via F21)

leopard print burnout top (via F21)

khaki simple woven skirt (via F21 - which i bought to pair with the leopard top above)

tri-colored sequined skirt (via F21 & on a fab sale, i do love me some sequin)

Beyond these items i bought a bunch more staple wardrobe pieces like simple jersey dresses that I won't bore you with, buuuuutt! I am highly debating snagging up these babies as my last big purchase with this paycheck:

Gucci black leather flats

How much do you think they're worth? I really need to debate on whether or not these flats are worth what they are selling for, because I honestly destroy all my flats in a few months tops. real leather may help in this case, but i digress... need help/opinions please!

Any of you fine folks buy any fancy digs this weekend? Do share ;)

online shopping after hours


winter weekends = staying at home, cooking up a million baked goods to make the apt warm & absolutely delicious smelling, and cozying on the couch with the boyf & our giant microfleece blanket. oh, and the especially addicting favorite pastime of online shopping in the wee hours of mindnight - 4am. what's a girl to do?! well, after searching high and low through an abundance of cute items, i found a handful of key accessories that i'm almost positive i want. BUT, before i click the "complete purchase" button, i figured i'd like some additional feedback. so here we go, honest opinions time everyone!

Tortoise Shell Boyfriend Style Watch (via ASOS)

Square Face Boyfriend Style Metal Watch (via ASOS)

Faux Croc Bar Day Bag in grey (via ASOS)

And then of course, to follow up with my last post on finding some notable apartment accessories, i have below the following items that were definitely in my quirky taste, though not in my top "buy it now" list. have a looksie:

Heart Shaped Mirror Wall Stickers (via Domestic)

Peapod Salt & Pepper Shaker (via Modcloth)

Meow for Measuring Cups (via Modcloth)

Walrus Ice Cream Scooper (via Modcloth)

And there you have it! Any good finds for you guys over the weekend? Do share :)

a whole lotta welcomes [back]!


hey gurls hey!ok, so i've once again gone MIA on you guys but just know that i've been working my little tush off at the new job & have been overall just having a blast in my newly created "adult life," but i most certainly/sincerely have missed all of you and your posts that so brighten up my day. tbh, i'm starting this blog up again because #1) it's been a super sloooow week for once, and #2) one of my best friends in real life has just started her own, wonderfully fabulous blog (welcome my betch: MoreThanJazz!)now, to keep this on the shorter side i'm just going to pretend that i haven't been gone at all and just pick right back up with posts as soon as i have time. here we go, update numero uno!i've been doing a lot of online shopping for bright/decorative new desk supplies now that the agency i work for has moved to our shiny new Boston office, and these are my most recent quirky favorite finds:hippo pen holder (via Modcloth)fat, lime green hippo. how can you not love this?bunny paperclips (via Modcloth)so unnecessary, but my love for bunnies will never diebear skin coasters (via Modcloth)let's face it, i am a clumsy mess of a fool and these will keep me from spilling all over my desktop...hopefullyhidden animal teacups (as seen on Luuux)something to place on my bear coasters! obvi i need my daily morning coffee/tea, but i can't just have any boring old cupi've also picked out a handful of deliciously decorative & colorful items for my apartment, but that shall come at a later post. after hastily traveling one place to another (client biz tripz), is there anything better than coming home to a well organized yet sprucefully fun home/office environment? not for me! anything beats drab stationary...that's for sure.have a wonderful weekend, loves! ♥[...]

Event Outfit #3


There's nothing much better than the feeling of dressing casual after a long week of glamming up for events. Don't get me wrong, I looove the concept of getting myself all dolled up to go to a swanky party, but afterward you definitely need a little r&r to unwind. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favorite comfy-time accessory that still manages to bring a little oomf/pizzazz to any outfit.

Event Outfit #3
- spring scarves
leopard print is a must have in my wardrobe, since it spruces up a normally dreary/boring black ensemble
seriously, can't get enough vibrant florals for the spring! plus a slightly obnoxious flower headband, why not

Happy Thursday loves!

Event Outfit #2


Event Outfit #2 - from StyleFixx Boston held last Wednesday

Event Outfit #1


Hay gurls hay! So seeing as I am graduating tomorrow morning, have a new job I start on Tuesday, plus my recent other sort of "side job" that allows me to attend countless exclusive events for free, and new apartment hunting on top of it all, I am all over the place right now. But I wouldn't have it any other way, considering this is the best kind of busy since it's all productive and exciting! For this reason, I've had many reasons to look my best as of late, so I think this week will start a slew of posts titled "Event Outfits" that will document my outfits for all these occasions. This isn't really meant to be a fashion piece since I by no means live in the luxurious world of designer-wear, but I do like to look back and relive my outfit choices (whether that be to look back and nod in approval, laugh at the ridiculousness, cry in disgust at "what was I thinking?!" or so on).

Thus, without further ado I will start with Event Outfit #1 - from the Hyatt Regency opening party on the terrace, sponsored by Bacardi:
it was so hard getting a non-blurry pic of this dress! - h&m beaded shoulder dress
close-up of the beaded shoulder detail
close-up of my newest h&m almost-obnoxiously-tacky-but-I-love-it-anyway necklace

Also, with this surge of events I have started a WordPress blog specifically dedicated to photos I take and choose as the highlights of each party. Check it out! Recommended to those that might be interested in what actually goes on at the events I attend. Also, I'm particularly proud of it and think it's actually a ton more fun than looking at pictures of myself :)

Have a great week you guys!

spring fever for florals


Post title says it all, I got the spring floral fever w/stunner shades on the side. Basic outfit post/this is how I roll on warm, sunny days:
hahah idk how I got this whole *wind-blown* hair effect, but sure that's cool
(image) (image)
my favorite shoes are no shoes, thx
floral sun dress & sunnies: f21; gold belt: h&m
shades on, peace out!

Enjoy your Thursday's guys! :)

footsies around the world - take #2


Ughh hiatus be gone! Sorry about the absence from blogging, but with finishing up my final semester of school EVER and preparing for graduation (next Monday, eep!) I have been busting my chops busy. But of course, you gotta work hard to play hard, and I have a ton of free events coming up (I love my side job) to celebrate all my scholarly endeavors. Pictures of those happenings to come (on time hopefully), but for now I leave you with photos of my day of perfect relaxation last week after my last class ever ended:

ugh we're so pastey white here, hurry up summer tans!
got these shoes 3yrs ago from the Old Navy kids section...typical me
hahah, crazy flailing lanky legs
Salem (witch town) Willows
a perfect, easy breezy day

Work hard, party hard, relax hard (yes, it is possible). Well deserved, my friends. But now it is back to the grind as I have what I like to call "real-world" work to do now (no more silly essays on American Women Writers at least, and we can all rejoice for that). I've set up a few scheduled posts for this week though, since I hate losing touch with you guys! I know it's only Tuesday, but work whatcha got and know that there's always the weekend to look forward to :)

birthday extravaganza


So, as assumed, there were TONS of pictures taken for Hillary's epic birthday weekend at Saint. Apparently Amanda turns into a big picture-taking whore when you give her a camera and a couple of dranks, so goodness bless her soul ♥
old & new favorite girlies :)
loooves her!
check out that junk behind me...that's an eyefull
this is like a cute family portrait...a family of deranged people.
wouldn't have it any other way :)

closing the night, look how happy the birthday girl is :)

Another epic night for the books, and boy are they needed and may I even say deserved after all the hard work I've done for finals week month. Hope all you lovely ladies enjoyed your weekends as well, however you may have spent it :)

Marathon Monday Maddness (late edition)


A happy Friday to all you lovey ladies! But, this here's gonna be a Monday recap (hey, there's only less than 5 days left in my entire undergrad career, so this lady's hustlin' & bustlin'). So for those of you who share my same residence of Boston, MA, you may recall that last Monday was a little well known holiday some like to refer to as Patriot's Day, while others like to call it "Marathon Monday" to acknowledge the Boston marathon and, uhm 8am-5pm public benders. It's like giving back to one another - runners power out 25miles while fans drunkenly cheer you on the whole way. Mmhmm, it's definitely a good time. Even street vendors sell special shirts for the holiday that read "Marathon Monday - it's better than Christmas!" I'll let pictures do the talking from this point on:VIP JetBlue sponsored party @ Vox Populi (thanks old job!)free wine & beers at 9am...starting off strong!my face progressively gets redderhahah so many kisses from this girl by the end of the day, loves her!oh hey, we caught up with more friendsoh hey, girl in cart!(just wanna point out that I know none of these girls,I just thought they were hilarious and had to document their holiday skills)Best. Day. Ever. At least one of the tops this year so far. It's one of the few times I can truthfully say I love this damn city, no matter how broken down it is (the alcohol encouraged occasions help).And now it's the weekend again! Oh how time flies. I'll be hanging out with these lovely ladies again for Hillary's birthday, so further pic-spam will hopefully be provided for next week. Stay tuned for funness, and everybody enjoy your weekends! :)[...]

CupcakeCamp Boston!


Ok, so for anyone who follows me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you know I've been really excited about this one little thing called CupcakeCamp Boston. Well, it was last night and it. was. awesome! I can't even describe the storm of cupcake goodness/mayhem, so I will do what I do best and document my evening with pictures:(photo thanks to @BostonTweet)this was the line of like 300+ people waiting to get in,luckily I registered early & got immediate access :) people were encouraged to bring their own cupcakes to support the event, so this was my batch: red velvet cupcakes with 1 row of just cream cheese frosting, 1 row w/sprinkles,& 1 row w/chocolate chips and/or peanut butter chipseveryone was taking their empty trays and filling them w/cupcakes to take home, so I picked out all of my favorites only to have the bouncers deny us all! haha. guess the lesson is that you should ask first before following the trend.I ended up taking one bite out of each one before having to throw them away, what a waste :(and so starts the documentation of me being a fatty, up close & personal!guess what I'm picking off of my cupcake here...if you guessed "a huge chocolate covered bacon strip" then you are correct my friend!and hell yes I am excited about it :)there is nothing that screams fattymess slob more than this pic.cupcake residue all over my hands. I am truly an 8 year old child...saving the best for last (technically this was the last cupcake I saw before heading out, but boy was it a sign of amazingness).mini choco cupcake topped with a plain bacon strip. awesome.And that, my friends, is just a portion of my recap on CupcakeCamp. Simply put, it was most definitely one of the greatest things that's ever come to this city. I'm just happy I wore a dress to this thing and avoided busting out of my pants. If you want a more professional look/a list of all the local bakeries who provided all the glory of this free event, check out the official blog & an incredible Flickr reel both by the wonderful creator of the event itself, Elizabeth Ginsburg (isn't she adorable?!).Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, full of delicious eats & treats! :d[...]

feet around the world project, take #1


happy feet day! (actually taken last thursday when the sun was beaming after 4 consecutive daysof rain & gloom. a reward for my bare toes indeed!)coral toesies + h&m kids gold flats (i really am a 12 year old child)mike preferred bare legs over feeties this dayreach for the sky, wave them feets up high!Post inspired by this lovely lady :) Lazy days by the lake just blocks from Mike's house are certainly one of my favorite things to look forward to for all of spring/summer. Hope the sun is shining bright for all your Tuesdays as well!Oh, and for those of you who asked about my watermelon nails in my last post, there's not really much to it other than this:1) paint a regular pink coat onto your nails first, then wait to dry2) make sure you have a dark enough green for the tips, you'll still probably have to do a double coating3) once the pink and green are dried, draw on "seeds" with an ordinary permanent marker4) finish it all off with a heavy top coatAnd voila! haha, sorry if that doesn't help too much, but I'm not a fan of overly complex work anyways. Experimenting with funky nails just makes me happy so I don't mind putting in the extra "work," but if you still feel like you can't do this on your own but want this for your own nails - just ask your local nail salon to do it for you! Voila #2 :)[...]

juicy nails!


TGIF ladies! and thank goodness for that. Oh and for those that asked, Hot Tub Time Machine was awesome!! Just so long as you have the most juvenile sense of humor, that is, you should find this movie pretty damn funny. Also, I went to go see it with my 3 friends and since then there have been so many hilarious quotes that I've been wanting to say all day to my boyf, but he just won't get it haha. Also a reason why I will abstain from quoting the movie in my blog, even though I really want to! :PAnyways, this here post is meant to show off my new watermelon nails! They're really 5th grade, but like I care? Also it may look like I have too much time on my hands, but I painted these babies at 3am instead of sleeping. Gotta have pretty paws.Sally Hansen has been around forever & I find that the cheapest kinds actually work the bestalso please disregard my horrible cuticles...eeki has a seeeecret...The seeeecret is...I've been thinking about doing a giveaway for a while now, but haven't really been sure about what to give away/how to do it (contest or random?). Now that it's getting closer to my final days of being an undergrad (ugh. extremely excited but also scared! ngl), I have to clean out all my closets and start looking for new places to live come the very beginning of May. That's only a month away people! Also, I have a lot of shit barely touched stuff I really need to get rid of. I usually donate all my unwanted items (I actually have a huge trashbag filled to the brim with clothes I am donating this weekend, but there's still more where that came from!), but for my little treasures I have but simply have no space for I want to give them to my faithful followers. After all, you've all been so extremely kind throughout my entire blogging time. Even after I fell off the face of the blogger world for 3 months, you were still there when I came back to listen to my random posts! Love you guys for that, and I mean that for real.So, any suggestions on what would make the ideal giveaway? I open to options, but definitely the more creative/wacky the better, so bring 'em on :)Until then, have a great weekend! ♥[...]

the colors of springtime!


So to those I just made very hungry through my last post, I'm sorry :P but I most definitely would have RSVP'd all of you to share in that ridiculous meal :)Anyhows, other than free delicious eats (and free anything, really), there's really nothing much that I love more than bold colors to give you an uplifting spirit to guide you towards an oh-happy-day. This week has provided so much sunshine & good weather that I followed its message & wore my comfiest, vibrant, red-orange ruffle tube dress with gold flippy floppies. I even fell into a joyous fit over my mom's new bouquet of flowers, & I don't even like flowers at all, but these little budding buddies perked me right up. super cute floral arrangements courtesy of my mumasuper cheesy poses courtesy of my super tooly selfIf I had the income to buy you all flowers I of couuuurse would ;) For now all I can do is hope the weather stays consistently good for my own sake & for the rest of you!Also, I'm off to see Hot Tub Time Machine tonight...hope it's good! John Cusack needs a solid film to put his fine ass (old ass now, but I don't care. you're still one of my favorites/always in my heart Johnny Cutesack!) back on the charts.[...]

Serious Good Eats


So this past Easter weekend was super busy with fun in the sun activities that I am still catching up on posting the pictures! Anyhows, this set is probably my absolute favorite, because I was lucky enough to be one of the first 100 people to make a reservation for a FREE lunch at the oh so swanky, even more delicious than you could imagine, Turner Fisheries in Boston. I took my friend Amanda along as a belated bday present, and we were just expecting a free entre and maybe a dessert. WRONG. We got the works. As in, when we asked what exactly on the menu was free the waiter literally said to us "everything." The promotion was to get potential fans to try literally as many items on the menu as possible, hoping that in the end when we got our comment cards that we would honestly say that every dish was fabulous. Oh, it was. And I am definitely spreading the most positive word of mouth.Here's just a few of the items we ordered during what turned out to be a 12 course meal:starting off with oysters(I've only had them doused in black bean sauce & Amanda had never even tried them before,so we were a little scared but they we surprisingly tasty)descriptive list of our oyster plate, fancy pantsythe most jumbo of jumbo shrimp cocktail.(Amanda told me to place my lemon wedge from my iced tea beside it to get the huge effect.this baby tasted like steak, it was so meaty good!)haha I am mid-sentence & in absolute wow over this dipBEST. DIP. OF MY lie, Amanda & I were raving about that dip for days later. yes, we did order every dessert item on the menu :)mini molten chocolate lava cake, creme brulee, rhubarb pie, & a mango sorbet sort-of cake w/caramelized pineapplescan I just point out that there is a bite taken out of each dish? haha.I couldn't wait, I had to sneak a taste before I could manage to compose myself for a picHappiest tummies after that lunchtime extravaganza, and those aren't even all the pics! I'd be so excited for every new dish that came out that I would scarf it down before I had time to remember to take a pic. And really, all the pics I just posted don't even do the restaurant justice. It's location is perfect, we sat right next to the open window on a gorgeously sunny day, and spent literally 3 hours there total. We had to walk up and down Newbury Street to work off just that dip alone, haha. But in complete honesty, there was nothing off that menu that I wouldn't recommend. Extremely wonderful service as well. Thinking about coming back there for my graduation dinner. Thinking about ordering about 10 cases of that dip to take home! As a side note I've been stalking the restaurant's Facebook fan page/Twitter for more excuses to come back.What's your favorite restaurant/restaurant dining story?[...]

Easter recap


Below is a recap of my Easter feaster. Included are a sad and always tooly attempt to capture my pale pink Easter dress, flowers bloomin' in my front yard, my niece's chalk artwork, sushi din-din with 2 of my favorite hometown girls, bunny bling x2 (one is a ring pop, delicious & cute), and even more tooly close-ups of me celebrating big J's resurrection! And there you have it. I was so happy it was another 70+ degrees out, but unfortunately most of my day was spent indoors working on group projects for school (gaaaag). Hope you all had a wonderful day![...]

Easter Feaster


Easter is this Sunday folks, and yes I'm Catholic and I love Jesus and all that good stuff, but color me typical little girl as I celebrate my love of bunnies and everything that is cute and cuddly (sorry big J, you always get looked over for both Christmas/your birthday and then your resurrection/Easter. that really sucks.)

Here are some of my most favorite Easter creations that I will somehow attempt to make my own version of (but of much, much, much lesser quality):

uhm, can you say cutest cupcakes ever? also yum factor delux
they reproduce quickly, that's bunny lovin' for ya
ring around the bunnies

photos thanks to the wonderful cupcake mastery of Bakerella!

And hey, maybe I'll attempt to make some sweet Jesus cookies to honor the true essence of this holiday. Errrrm, on second thought, maybe I'll stick with going to church that day. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, or even if you don't celebrate at all, have a cute and yummy day regardless :)

and they were all yellow


So, somewhere in these hectic past 2 weeks and my last post, I forgot to mention that I went out/went nail polish crazy and picked out about 8 new colors. No joke, it's like a rainbow threw up but neatly into 8 little bottles. So, after my last post I thought very long about what should be the first color I go with...and here we have it! I love Ulta! I always get their emails but had never been to their store until 2 of my oldest friends took me there like a couple weeks ago. I fell in love! It's what I refer to as the "poor man's Sephora" - mostly all the same stuff but with the cheaper/mainstream drug store cosmetics as well. Plus they have a waaay better nail polish line, so I'm obviously sold right there. peepin' them peepers vogue-ing it typical me... rihanna's happy face yellow paws. bbgurl, i love you, but you so quirky sometimes... Ok, so in all honesty I don't know how well I can rock the yellow. It's one of my favorite colors and an immediate uplifter, but I may have to leave it for my clothes and accessories and off my nails after this little trial. Anyways, I'll leave 'em on for a few days, but here is one of my top yellow accessory picks that can do no wrong in my eyes: Betsey Johnson Bow Watch Super cute! But personally I cannot own a watch without all the numbers lined in some way...seriously, does this watch say 10:08 or 11:06? errr.... This Marc by Marc Jacobs watch does it better for me, even though it's not yellow: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Watch So whether you're a fan of yellow or if it simply revolts you because it reminds you of pee, please disregard this post but know that I will have a ton more other colors to review that will hopefully tickle your fancy :) Have a fabulous mid-week, loves! [...]