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We buy houses all throughout the Metro Atlanta area. If you need to sell your house fast and need cash, be sure and contact us to get a no obligation offer on your house

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How Do I Sell My House For Cash


You may or may not have heard of selling your house for cash. You may be wondering just how to go about it and what the possible advantages could be. While it is true that when you sell your house your existing mortgage will be paid off. So what is all the hoopla about selling for cash. If you are one of the people wondering about it - keep reading because that's what we are about to cover.Advantages Of Selling Your House For CashFirst, why would you need to sell your house for cash? Typically people that want to sell their property for cash need a fast closing. When a buyer is paying cash there are no buyer mortgage contingencies to be concerned about. When a cash buyer puts your property under contract, which is usually a real estate investor, your house is as good as sold.This was covered in an article by Steve McLinden:Tops in the “pro” column are speed of sale and convenience. Once you accept a cash offer, you can often get your money in days. For folks facing a relocation, foreclosure or bankruptcy, this can be a life saver.Fewer sales fall throughA cash sale also removes the all-too-familiar drill of accepting an offer only to lose the buyers at the last minute when they can’t qualify for a loan. Once the cash is passed along, there’s no backing out or last-second cold feet. Such cash sales typically close in 1 to 3 weeks compared to about 4 to 7 weeks on a conventional sale. Also, cash sales are typically “as is,” so there’s usually no major repainting and repairs needed.Cash is king in a real estate deal … You’ll probably get a little less money out of the house, but you can avoid costly repairs and other complications.Read The Full Article "There are plenty of good reasons to sell your home for cash" HereSteven also goes on to advise that you should get professional advice for pricing your home. With all of the tools on the internet it's a whole lot easier these days. You can go online and check many house buying and selling sites like Zillow, Redfin and Trulia and find what comparables are selling for in your neighborhood. The important thing here is to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.So why would someone need to close fast? Job relocation, trying to avoid a foreclosure on their credit, divorce and many other reasons. A cash buyer will help you achieve a fast sell with little chance of the sale falling through at the last minute.How To Go About Selling Your House For CashThe great thing about selling your property to investors is that they will buy the property in "as-is" condition. No need to make any repairs, and many times, you don't even need to clean up the property like you would if you were selling to a retail buyer.However you may just be looking for any cash buyer, and they are out there. There are parents out there that buy houses for their children. In this case you will have to do some clean up and make the house look presentable.Some other things you might want to do were covered in this article:Step 1Gather up all of the pertinent information about your house. Make sure you have flattering pictures (taken in the spring or in the summer) plus the statistical information before you try to sell your homes online. Be sure that you have the square footage, the year the roof was replaced, the foundation type and everything else that might be in a listing. The more information the better. Unless it's a dump. Then you might want to be creative.Step 2List your home on ebay. There should be a clickable link on this page. give your listing a precise title, not a cutesy title. No-one will be searching for a cute title, they search for things like "House for sale in Cambridge" or "Quick Sale in Moorpark."Read The Full Article "How to Sell Your House for Cash" HereIn addition to listing your property on Ebay you can also list it on the other sites that we mentioned above to get it in front of more potential buyers. You may want to put in your listing that you are looking for "cash buyers only" to help keep down on the amount of buyers that are looking to purchase a property throu[...]

How To Sell My Home Fast By Owner


Quick Tips To Learn How To Sell Your House Fast By OwnerSelling a property these days doesn't have to be that difficult. You don't need to hire an agent, it can be done all on your own, provided you do a little research and preparation first. If you want to sell your property yourself quickly - keep reading for some helpful tips.Probably the easiest way to sell your house yourself by owner fast is to contact a real estate investor. Usually these investors will buy your house in it's present condition without you needing to make repairs. However this isn't always the best option for everyone. You may have time to wait on a buyer, or may just want to hold out for a better offer. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things that you can do to help sell your property quicker yourself without hiring an agent.Tips To Get A Buyer For Your House QuicklyYou need to take a little time and get your house ready to sell before you put the "for sale by owner" sign in the front yard. The last thing you want to do is have that one buyer who would have bought your house turn away because you or your property weren't ready.Stacey Bradford gives some good info for anyone wanting to sell their property themselves:1. Price it rightWith homes sales slowing and prices plunging, there’s little doubt that selling for a good price in today’s market is going to be tricky. The median existing home price dropped more than 7% last month compared with the same month last year, according to the National Association of Realtors. So if you try to ask as much for your property as your neighbor got six months or a year ago, you’re going to turn off potential buyers. Instead, price your home conservatively by looking at similar houses currently on the market, says Michael Corbett, author of “Ready, Set, Sold!” Also look at the homes that aren’t selling. Chances are those owners priced their dwellings too high, he says.“If you really want to stimulate a sale, you should under price your property by just a hair,” says Susan Singer, a New York-based real estate broker with Corcoran. Just shaving a few thousand dollars off can generate more foot traffic and create a buzz.2. Make it invitingThere’s no faster way to turn off a potential buyer than to show them a home stuffed with kids’ toys, family knickknacks and a stinky kitty litter. Even stodgy furniture can make a property more difficult to unload. That’s why many high-end real estate agents employ professional “home stagers” when they want to guarantee a quick sale. For anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, these folks will do everything from remove clutter and rearrange furniture to rent all new furnishings. Corcoran’s Singer says her staged properties tend to sell faster and for more money than ones that aren’t prepped in this fashion.Fortunately, there are some inexpensive things homeowners can do on their own to attract a buyer. Whether you live in a cozy Cape Cod or a 4,000-square-foot McMansion, make your space feel as open and clean as possible. Get rid of clutter, organize the closets and remove all personal items that may make it more difficult for someone to imagine living in your house, says Corbett. See our story for more ways to make your home inviting or watch our video for advice on how to do it on your own.Read The Full Article "Top Five Ways to Sell Your Home Fast" HereA few good points made in that article. While the market may not be as bad as it was when that article was written, you still need to price the property right, maybe a little less than that of one that is comparable to yours in your neighborhood.Susan also makes a good point about making sure your house is inviting and that things are put away. Another great idea for making sure your house is neat & tidy comes from Trulia:1. Get a storage unitYou might think the easiest way to declutter your home is to shove everything into the closets. Bad idea: Anyone who tours your home is going to check out the storage spaces, and disorganized, ov[...]

Who Will Buy My House For Cash?


Who Will Buy My House For Cash? Find more on: Mandich Property Group Cash Buyers For Your HouseWho Will Buy Your House With Cash?You may have a house that you need to sell quickly and don't know where to turn. You may be in a situation where you are in dire need of some funds and have a property that you can liquidate to raise those funds, but don't have months to wait on a buyer to close on your property. So where do you turn? Who will buy your house? That's what we are about to cover, so read on.Typically people that will buy your house with cash are real estate investors. These investors have cash to pay for houses which means they are able to close quickly. They don't have to wait weeks to see if they can qualify or even jump through all of the hoops for applying for a mortgage loan.Let's get one thing straight right off the bat first. No matter how you choose to sell your house, when you leave the closing table you will walk away with cash, it's just the way it works. If you currently have a mortgage on your property and you sell to a regular buyer, at closing your mortgage is paid off by the new buyer. If you have any equity in the house, then you receive those proceeds.Advantages In Selling Your Home To A Cash BuyerSo what are some of the advantages of selling your property to a cash buyer who doesn't have to wait on loan approvals? This was covered well by Maximum Exposure Real Estate:1. It’s easy.Selling a home that needs work can be challenging if you want to get the best possible price. With a house flipping company, you avoid the difficulty of trying to sell for a good price. Instead, you sell to a company that will buy your house for the lowest price it can get away with. In exchange for taking a low price, you can quickly free yourself of the burden of owning the home. If you are in desperation mode this is often times your best bet. Selling to a real estate investor can get you out from under a problem very quickly.2. You only have to make one decision.Your only decision when selling to a house flipping company is to sell, or not to sell. You won’t have to decide what repairs to make or who you want to sell to. You will get an offer and make a single decision. After that, you are free of the home. Most often a house flipping company will be paying cash and there can be a quick closing if this is what you are after.3. You don’t have to find a real estate agent.Finding a good real estate agent can take a little bit of effort. You may have to interview several to find someone you are really comfortable with. You also don’t have to worry about disagreeing with your real estate agent once you hire one, which can happen. You are going solo.Read The Full Article "Pros and Cons of We Buy Houses Flipping Companies" HereEverything they stated there is true. However there are some cons in choosing a house flipping company, it's not for everybody. For instance, if you are in no hurry to sell your house and have all the time in the world, they are not going to be your best bet. Additionally you may have a new house and may have only lived in it for a year or two. In this case if  you have a 30 year mortgage you haven't even started to chip away at the principal balance. Here no matter how you sell it will be difficult to come out without loosing any money, unless you are in an area that is in high demand and home values are quickly rising.Disadvantages Of Selling To A Cash BuyerAs we started stating above, selling your house to an investor isn't for everyone and there are some disadvantages of selling your property this way. Forbes had this to say about it:Investors Do Not Need a License to Buy – This means as the seller, you know nothing about the person/entity offering to buy your home. Some investors are corporations, but some are individuals who just happen to also be real estate agents. This is cause for concern for many sellers because they question the motive behind the purchase; do they want to buy my home to resell it for more? There ar[...]

Learn More About How We Buy Houses Fast Throughout Atlanta


Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to put up a quick post about how we can help you if you need to sell your house fast in Metro Atlanta. I've actually been contacted by a few people that were confused as to what we do. I've wanted to get out some more posts before now, but haven't been able to. So here is some quick info for you until I'm ready to start putting out some more posts. It probably won't be until the first of the year before I'm able to post on a regular bases, you know, holidays and all.

Anyhow, check it out -


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And we buy houses around ALL of Metro Atlanta!

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Tax Cuts and Real Estate


Hello All, and thanks for checking out our new site! We hope to bring you new information on the scope of real estate.

With the possible tax cuts on the way, many investors are wondering how it will effect them and their business. We just found this on another blog and thought it was appropriate for our first post:

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Be sure and check back on this blog for more on real estate news and tips.