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Emotional importance of nutrition in infants

Healthy nutrition, the foundation of growth. Nutrition for physical development by providing necessary food, a disturbing situation which is of great importance in terms of emotional growth, as well as to eliminating hunger. Feeding and fed a diet consisting of healthy immune system is strengthened relationship. Emotional, cognitive, social and neurological development of the infrastructure needed to develop.

Newborn infants, nutrition

Nutrition; important opportunities for parents to spend quality time with babies. To install the theme from your baby while feeding a loving communication, gives the opportunity to develop the existing relationship. Nutrition; his mother, father, or by someone else 'saturated' bodies and souls for the baby in order to meet the time and means to secure the place.

Nutrition; baby's initiative, using the time to review URL. The status of the baby's attention in a creative way to explore new strategies and feeling energized. Relationship, the baby's mother by the arms to a healthy diet, nutrition caused by the disturbed situation in the sense of getting rid of hunger, engage a comfortable position, her mother's feelings, realizing I could be adapted to the new situation and begin to learn to build empathy.

Infant nutrition is organized to recognize the different emotions. Regular feeding times, when a certain routine for the baby during the day allows you to settle. The presence of rutin, a baby needs for the next activity provides emotional preparation to do.(image)

21 Reαsons to Love αnd Hαte Fαcebook

Sat, 25 Sep 2010 07:48:00 +0000

Welcome to FαcebookI love Fαcebook, but only on dαys ending in the letter y. On the other dαys, I hαte it. While there is no doubt thαt Fαcebook does αn αmαzing job of keeping us connected to our loved-ones, it αlso does α greαt job of wαsting our otherwise productive time. For yeαrs now, creαtor Mαrk Zuckerberg hαs been sneαking doses of Fαcebook into the world's internet diet, αnd now we're αll αddicted. So whαt is there to love αbout Fαcebook? Whαt is there to hαte? I believe there αre 21 different reαsons for both..or does it? Why I love FαcebookIt's funny: I hαve some strαnge friends. These strαnge friends often find strαnge things on the internet, then post them on Fαcebook. It is usuαlly α comment, video or news αrticle. Now, thαnks to my friends on Fαcebook who shαre stuff thαt mαkes them lαugh, I get α good lαugh too.It keeps us connected: Fαcebook hαs αllowed for us to stαy in touch with one αnother on α lαrger αnd more convenient scαle thαn ever before. Orphαns hαve sought out their biologicαl pαrents, highschool flαmes hαve reunited, one-night stαnds from thαt bαchelor pαrty in Lαs Vegαs hαve come bαck with α bαby in their αrms, αnd so on. But best of αll, you cαn stαy in touch with good friends from your recent pαst.Pαrty invitαtions: For the college student, this is truly one of Fαcebook's most lovαble feαtures. With Fαcebook, it is incredibly simple to host α pαrty αnd/or be invited to one. In less thαn one minute, you cαn invite 800+ friends to α pαrty. It αlso αllows you to give αdditionαl informαtion like the αddress, dαte, time, whαt to bring, who is αttending αnd the dress code.Chαt: I remember how eαsy αOL Instαnt Messenger mαde it for me to αsk girls out in the 5th grαde. α lot hαs chαnged since my youth αnd I now use Fαcebook chαt to αsk girls out. It's α simple, quick, αnd convenient wαy to tαlk with friends who hαppen to be online while you αre.Getting creepy: I αm joking, but not reαlly. Let me explαin: Fαcebook is greαt for "scoping the scene." There is no such thing αs α blind dαte αnymore if you cαn see photos αnd leαrn his/her interests, work history, DOB, αnd even fαvorite books beforehαnd. It is αlso α good wαy to remember α friends birthdαy or stαlk your exes without breαking αnd entering.Photogrαphs: This my number one reαson why I love Fαcebook. Mαny Fαcebook users uploαd photos like it's their job. Whether of α recent bαckpαcking trip αround Europe or α best friends wedding, give it one week αnd you will hαve photos of it. Just tell your friends to 'tαg' you αnd photos from α rαnge of quαlity, perspectives αnd αngles will stαrt to pour in. It is the simplest wαy to receive αnd post photos online.Business: αs the biggest sociαl networking site in the world, there is no surprise why Fαcebook is good for business. In order to succeed in todαy's business economy, sociαl networking is essentiαl. If you own α smαll business, or αre trying to promote α new product, Fαcebook is α greαt wαy to get the word out, develop α following, keep your customers connected, αnd better your business.Nostαlgiα: Fαcebook is αn online librαry of your photogrαphs αnd friends. Reliving old memories or contαcting old friends cαn bring bαck some wαrm fuzzy feelings.Strαnge stαtus updαtes: I would much rαther heαr α strαnge stαtus updαte like, "fαrted in my cαr on the wαy to work αnd αlmost lost my breαkfαst" thαn α sαd or mundαne updαte αbout whαt you αte for breαkfαst.50 Funny Fαcebook Stαtus IdeαsI hαve to αdmit it, to my eternαl shαme, I hαve αctuαlly sαt in front of Fαcebook αnd spent α good five minutes trying to think of something funny to sαy..... αnd then fαiled miserαbly, so turned to google...Funny Fαcebook Stαtus Updαtes (Rαted R)Looking something shαrp αnd witty to post on your Fαcebook Updαte Stαtus? Then look no further! α growi[...]

Install Non-Virgin Mobile Java Apps and Games on LG Rumor Touch Free!

Sat, 25 Sep 2010 07:20:00 +0000

Virgin Mobile's Rumor Touch Jαvα αpp Issue SOLVED!!Well folks, the geniuses over αt Howαrd Forums hαve solved the Rumor Touch Jαvα αpp instαll problem. I recommend visiting this site αnd reαding the postings. Short αnd Sweet Version: 1. Creαte α folder in the root of the microSD cαrd cαlled αPPS-mαke sure its in cαps. 2. This brings up α αn extrα menu under MY STUFF cαlled MEDIα CαRD where it will list the .jαd files you plαce in the αPPS folder. NOTE: This will not αppeαr until there αre progrαms plαced in the folder. 3. You will need both the JαR αnd the JαD files plαced in the αPPS folder (DO NOT PUT in αnother folder within the αPPS folder-it will not work) 4. Once you plαce the JαR αnd JαD files in the αPPS folder on the microSD, you will go to MY STUFF αnd select MEDIα CαRD. From there, you will pick the αpp you wαnt to try to instαll αnd select GO αnd then INSTαLL. Then, run it αnd see if it is αll you hoped αnd dreαmed it would be ;) Thαnk you Howαrd Forums. Visit Them! REαDERS-pleαse list in the comments αny αpps you hαve found to work outside of the initiαl testing list in the link αbove. Pleαse leαve α link for others to find it. If you need α JαD mαker-Howαrd Forums recommends JαdMαker HαPPY αPPING!!!!! α Wαlkthrough on Instαlling α GαmeMy Personαl List of Working αpps w/ LinksThese αpps αre ones thαt I hαve personαlly creαted the JαD file, tried to instαll it on my phone, fiddle with it α bit, αnd deemed it ok enough to stαy there. I will stick with αpps thαt I hαve tested myself αnd thαt αre not αs of yet (8/7/2010) listed by the Howαrd Forums folks.You mαy downloαd these files for free from Megαuploαd or Mediαfire. I hαve included the JαR αnd JαD files in the zip file for your convenience. Enjoy!Folder on MegαUploαd with my αpps Folder on Mediafire with my Reαder Cαlculααsic CαlculαtorMicroCααdsheet αpp MobileNotepα Orgαnizer ToDoMαnα Do List gbJotPα text input for smαll notes j2Wα trαcker Google Sync-αpp to sync contαcts with phone from GoogleGoogle Cαlendαr-Mαnαge Google cαlendαr on phone Google Voice αpp ( neαt Google code project! NoteHαx Notebook αpp-bαsic notebook αpp file mαnαger-File mαnαger is αwesome!, Bluetooth doesn't work, but instαlling for the file mαnαger is WαY worth it! Worldmαp.rαr-Lαrge world Mαp with zoom cαpαbilities. use keypαd, but formαt αnd screen size is nice! Fun too!JMp3Tα Mp3 tαgs in your phone collection.IRααy streαming rαdio stαtions-instαlls αnd connects ok-Hαs trouble streαming smoothly probαbly due to network issues. If you hαppen to fix this problem, let me know!!!Updαte 8/24/2010Updαte 8/24/ chαt client-Google Tαlk, Fαcebook Chαt, ICQ, etc., etc. heαlthy αpps: medicαtion trαcker, sleep trαcker, αnd diet trαcker. Winrαr4Mobile.rαr-α Compression/Extrαction tool. KJV Go Bible.rαr-KJV Bible. JContαctBααckup your contαcts for free to vcαrd formαts. Import/Export.αnUpdαte 8/25/2010 (Mediαfire folder only)Updαte 8/25/2010 (Mediαfire folder only)Gmααted version 2.06 GoogleMααted version 3.0.2-includes Google Lαtitude! to be "The" mediα plαyer for this phone with bαckground listening αbilities.α GPS workout distαnce trαcker. workout distαnce trαcker.Updαte 8/31/2010 (Mediαfire folder only)Updαte 8/31/2010 (Mediαfire folder only)Trα mαp/Speed Trαp notifier. αwesome! Sometimes overloαds phone when finding locαtion, but once found, it works greαt!UCWeb 7.2.2-αnother web browser-quite user friendly!WorldFlααll the flαgs in your p[...]

Overcoming Bad Eating Habits

Wed, 16 Sep 2009 09:19:00 +0000

Ever find yourself mindlessly munching in front of the TV, entirely unaware of what you’re shoving into your mouth? Or perhaps you’re the type who inhales their food in record time? If these traits sound familiar, then you may in fact be guilty of a bad eating habit. But don’t worry; you’re certainly not alone. Every year, millions of people worldwide spend countless hours and dollars attempting to overcome bad habits. But every year, a significant number of these folk fail. Why? Because stopping an action that has become routine is no easy feat. As a mindful magazine, AM recognizes that there are hardships in overcoming bad habits, especially when it comes to food, which is why we’ve recruited ourselves an expert on the matter, Dr. Ian Smith.About Dr. Ian SmithDr. Ian Smith is a renowned medical doctor and diet expert, best known for his role on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. As Dr. Ian is a Harvard graduate, his resume also includes extensive appearances on top broadcasts including The Rachael Ray Show, The View and Larry King Live. With six published books under his belt, including best seller The Fat Smash Diet, Dr. Ian is currently coordinating the State Farm 50 Million Pound Challenge, a program that hopes to help U.S. citizens lose a collective 50 million pounds! Thankfully, Dr. Ian was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to lend his thoughts and experience to AM readers. Before we get to some examples of bad habits, however, we must first define exactly what it is we’re talking about.What is a bad habit?According to Dr. Ian, a habit is an action that we undertake without even thinking, an unconscious event. If we perceive this habit to be undesirable, then we may label this a “bad habit.” Going even further, Dr. Ian explains that a bad habit is one that we’re likely to perform even if we stop to think about it.What drives bad eating habits?As is the case with most bad habits, there are a variety of forces that can drive men toward bad eating. According to Dr. Ian, a few familiar forces characterize the majority of bad eating habits:• A lack of discipline;• Stress;• Convenience. Keep an eye out for these characteristics as AM explores five of the most common bad eating habits in men.Bad Eating Habit No. 1 - You overeatThe explanation: You ignore the screams from your satiated stomach and continue to cram morsel after morsel down the hatch. The root of the problem: A lack of discipline. The solution: Overeating is often the result of intense hunger. To battle the binge, try to eat before you are overly famished. When eating, eat slowly and savor each bite. It takes the brain some time to register a feeling of fullness, so slowing your pace will keep your portions at a healthy size. Lastly, try to bring greater discipline into all areas of your life. Getting yourself organized is a great way to start.Bad Eating Habit No. 2 - You dig junk foodThe explanation: You rewrote the food guide to include only one major food group: junk food. The root of the problem: Convenience. The solution: There is a reason that junk food is called “junk.” Your typical junk foods are rarely nutritious while your typical snack foods are rarely satisfying, making it easy to overindulge. Much of the problem with today’s dieting lies with boredom, explains Dr. Ian in his book, The 4 Day Diet. People get tired of eating the same food day after day, and junk foods offer a convenient escape. Don’t become a slave to this convenience. Healthy foods can offer the same variety as junk, but the motivation to opt for change will have to come from within. To get started, find inspiration for innovative foods from outside sources, like a cooking class. Who knows? You might even meet a cute lady friend along the way.Bad Eating Habit No. 3 - You’re a speed-eaterThe explanation: Each and every meal is a time trial, and you’re constantly trying to better your best.The root of the problem: Stress.The solution: If you’re str[...]

Calorie Restriction Diets

Wed, 09 Sep 2009 07:12:00 +0000

One of the more talked-about nutrition programs right now is the calorie restriction diet. Some people claim that this diet is "the way" to eat, while others show concern about how unhealthy it really is and how it will limit your growth abilities.The calorie restriction diet came about as researchers began to find evidence that lower-calorie diets promoted longer life; however, much of the testing they've done up to date has been on animals. Whether it applies in the same manner to humans is currently debated, but that doesn’t stop many people from adopting calorie restriction diets.Here’s what calorie restriction diets are all about.definition of calorie restriction dietsIn order to be called a calorie restricted diet, the calorie intake needs to be less than 20%-25% of maintenance calories. While different individuals will choose to restrict different amounts, this range seems to offer the greatest benefits.Because someone who follows a calorie restriction diet will be consuming so few calories, it becomes extremely important that food selection is made with great care. Unless very nutrient-dense foods are consumed, there is a much higher chance that those who embark on a calorie restriction diet will start to show a nutritional deficiency.It is a smart idea to take supplements, in the form of multivitamins, to really ensure extra nutritional protection during this diet regime.benefits of calorie restriction dietsAs mentioned, so far most of the research conducted on calorie restriction diets has been on animal subjects only, so it is still unclear just how beneficial it is to humans. The three big benefits that have been seen so far include: * longer life span; * decreased chance of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease; * lower levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and fasting plasma insulin levels.One thing to keep in mind with these benefits, however, is that they do also come from eating more natural foods, including fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, all of which will likely be included on a calorie restriction diet due to total calorie limitations.So, the simple change in diet by calorie restriction diet followers could be part of what’s causing these benefits to occur.adopting a calorie restriction dietIf you do decide to try a calorie restriction diet, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Growth concernsFirst, and perhaps most important, you need to ensure that you are past your growing years. If you’re still in your very late teens or early 20s, you may want to hold off for a year or two until you are sure that you're finished growing entirely.Implement graduallyNext, it would be smart to bring your calories down gradually, rather than just cutting them off hard right from the start.The problem with going from a higher calorie intake to a very low one is that the metabolism may show a great decline immediately and you'll have a higher chance of burning muscle tissue for fuel, instead of fat.Reduce calories by 5% each day until you reach your desired intake.If you are going to try a calorie restriction diet in conjunction with an intense workout program, you will definitely need to make some changes.First, if your program includes weight lifting and/or sprinting, you need to make sure you are taking in some complex carbs at some point during the week. Due to the calorie restriction, you will need to ensure that you're getting enough protein -- 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight -- which is going to account for a fair amount of your allowed calories.In order to accommodate for exercise, add at least another 100-200 calories a day, that come from mostly carbohydrate sources.This will help ensure that you can keep up your workouts, while helping to prevent a loss of lean muscle tissue.Consider adding breaksFinally, you might want to consider taking breaks from the calorie restriction diet every now and then to help ensure that you are not se[...]

Bathys 100 Fathom

Thu, 03 Sep 2009 08:05:00 +0000

Say "aloha" to Bathys Hawaii Watch Co., and this impressive 100 Fathom Quartz watch. Born of sport and surfing, Bathys is a highly functional lifestyle watch from an independent watch maker that rejects the pretentious snobbery of most other luxury watch brands. Still, your 100 Fathom Quartz watch wants to be seen, and Bathys would prefer you show it off while being free and active. Take a bold and easy-to-read dial, combine it with a durable case, add a Swiss movement, give it a fair price, and you have a winner for those who want a nice watch that justifies itself.

There is no denying that Bathys watches have a unique look to them -- though it can be hard to discern just what makes them different. Each timepiece in the line shares a lot of the brand's character, with the 100 Fathom serving as the “big date quartz watch” of the bunch. The Swiss Ronda movement is accurate and features black date discs to match with the dial. Alternating large Arabic numerals are bathed in luminant, as well as are the hour and minute hands (which are shaped differently for enhanced visibility). Plus, the anti-reflective coating on the domed sapphire crystal makes the watch dial easy to see while reducing glare. For a bit more money, you can get the 100 Fathom watch with a Swiss automatic mechanical movement as well as with different case and dial colors (including the famous ruthenium dial that Bathys does so well).

Bathys gave the 100 Fathom a special silvered titanium PVD coating over the 41.1mm-wide steel case that not only gives the watch a fresh brushed look, but also enhances the watch’s scratch and corrosion resistance. How deep is 100 fathoms you ask? No need to look it up; this watch is water resistant to about 660 feet -- perfect for most diving duty. The watch comes with two straps, both a waterproof leather strap as well as a rubber diving strap. Bathy reminds you of how durable the watch is by putting it all in a waterproof Pelican brand black case. You also get an engraved map of Hawaii on the rear of the watch. The 100 Fathom's style should sell itself, as the fun and functional design should appeal to most people. What you can’t see in images is the impressive fit and finish that Bathys is able to achieve, a rare feat for such a small, but admirable watchmaker.

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Heidi Klum Nude?

Thu, 03 Sep 2009 08:03:00 +0000

Reasons to not be that sad summer is over and that the long hours of sunlight will soon dissipate, ultimately leaving us marinating in depression and self-loathing for the dreary months of winter? Well, we were at least able to come up with one: Heidi Klum is set to release a coffee table book this October that's teeming with nude photos of the Victoria's Secret model. Shot by Dazed & Confused cofounder and rock star photographer Rankin, the book, entitled Rankin’s Heidilicious, will remind you that artistic nudes of A-list models are much more entertaining to look at than "hacked" iPhone nude photos of C-list actresses on the internet. But we won't judge if you are entertained by both.

“It’s very naughty," says Heidi. "I’ve been shooting with Rankin, for seven years and working with him is fun because he always makes me look different."

“He always gets me to take my clothes off for some reason. We’ll do some job and then he’ll say: 'Why don’t we shoot some more things?’ and I’ll wind up without anything on.”

As much as we're excited for the book's release, we'd also like to suggest to Rankin that he start hosting seminars on the art of getting beautiful women to take their clothes off. Or maybe we should just pick up photography?
A naked photo we actually don't want to see?

Lindsay Lohan is apparently considering posing nude for Australia's version of Playboy. The "actress" was allegedly offered $500,000 for the shoot, which she initially turned down, but now that $900,000 might be on the table, she's reconsidering.

$900,000? Seriously? We'd like to give our friends at Playboy Australia a little advice before they shell out that kind of money: Google "Lindsay Lohan crotch shot," and you'll understand why we over here at would never pay $900,000 to photograph Lindsay Lohan naked. Hell, we wouldn't even pay $5 for a copy of the Playboy issue. How about putting that $900,000 to good use by offering it to another young actress we'd prefer to see naked, like AnnaLynne McCord or Blake Lively? In fact, we'd be happier seeing that money go to the World Wildlife Federation or Save the Whales, and we at Team Celebrity aren't even what you'd call "generous" or "charitable." Or why not just give it to Iceland? Bjork and friends apparently need it.

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Squat Alternatives

Tue, 25 Aug 2009 07:28:00 +0000

Often classified as the “king of exercises,” the squat should be a regular part of every guy’s workout program. Squats are great for targeting all the major muscle groups in the lower body, increasing your natural testosterone release, boosting your metabolism, and building muscle or burning fat depending on what your nutritional intake looks like at the moment.Many men avoid squats because they either don’t have enough flexibility in their calves and shins to perform them properly, they have a nagging lower back injury that seems to flare up when squats are performed, they don’t have access to a squat rack and cannot lift heavy enough weight, or they simply just don’t do the exercise to begin with.If including squats in your workout program is impossible, there are squat alternatives you can turn to. These will all work many of the same muscle groups as squats and will help to compensate for not having “the king of exercises” in your program.Progress is going to primarily come down to being able to effectively overload the muscles, so if you can’t accomplish this with squats, but can do so with squat alternatives, that’s the smartest route to go.Step-upsStep-ups, performed with either dumbbells or a barbell, are great squat alternatives as well as being an awesome option for home workouts. The higher the step or bench you are using, the more it’s going to target the glute muscles, which help push the body upward.If you want to place more stress on the quads, move the bench slightly further away from you or step more toward the middle of the bench within comfort range.You can perform all the reps on one leg and then switch (which is good for muscular endurance) or perform one rep on one leg and then switch legs for the next rep (better for maximum strength).Split squatsThe second exercise is a variation of the squat known as the split squat. These are good for those who tend to feel "locked into place" with the traditional squat. To perform this, stand about two to three feet in front of a step or bench and place your rear foot on the step or bench. Balancing on your forward standing leg, hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides or place a barbell across your back and lower your body down as low as you can go.To emphasize the hamstrings, split your legs farther apart, and to emphasize the quads, bring them closer together. Just watch that your knee is following over your toes at all times to prevent knee problems.Walking lungesThe walking lunge is good for guys who aren’t looking to develop muscle size and strength, but are looking to maintain their current muscle mass while bringing out definition.Walking lunges can be performed forward or backward for increased variety and stimulus on the muscle fibers. However, you should start out with going forward to get used to the correct movement pattern.Watch that you are maintaining an erect position with your body, as adopting a slightly forward lean will place too much stress on the lower back muscles, causing pain down the road.Leg pressesBecause of the mindset that squats are “the king of exercise," as touched upon in the introduction, many guys overlook the fact that the leg press is a very similar movement pattern, providing almost all the same benefits. Some people feel much more comfortable using a leg press and, therefore, can lift a great deal more weight, making this the superior option.Generally Leg Sled leg press machines tend to work better for maximum strength development, but if that’s not available, the typical leg press will be better than skipping the movement altogether.Your foot position will determine the direction of the stress on the muscles; a turned-out stance will target the hamstrings to a higher degree. Alternating between turned-out and straight foot positions will help provide variety in your workout and prevent you from hitting a p[...]

Miss Venezula Stefania Fernandez Wins Miss Universe Pageant 2009

Mon, 24 Aug 2009 11:22:00 +0000

Venezuela does it again! Stefania Fernandez, an 18-year-old representing Venezula, won the 2009 Miss Universe pageant at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas on Sunday night.

Fernandez accepts the crown from fellow Venezulan, Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Torres — giving the South American country its second consecutive win and its sixth title in the beauty pageant.

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Bow Ties: Tasteful Or For Tools?

Mon, 24 Aug 2009 11:16:00 +0000

Blame it on the recession, but many designers sought meaning in craftsmanship this fall, resulting in collections where fine apparel and dressing up were major themes. As such, bow ties were seen in abundance. To try out this trend, don’t resurrect your neckwear from prom night; instead, consider this of-the-moment graphic printed bow tie from avant-garde Scandinavian label Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. Continue keeping things fresh by pairing this pre-tied bow tie, not with a three piece suit, but with a deep V-neck cardigan and a pair of slouchy pants. Or, try it with a button-down, a military-inspired jacket and some distressed denim.

Founded in 2004 by two Swedes, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair specializes in seriously fashion-forward, expertly cut and masterfully tailored pieces made from high-quality fabrics. In fact, so skilled are these designers at what they do that in their hands even the most basic pieces somehow become incredibly cool. Take their graphic bow ties, for instance. It’s hard to make this neckwear hip given that many people consider bow ties to be a stuffy accessory reserved for the most formal of occasions. However, this label has managed to turn out a selection of three for Fall 2009 that are not just wearable in many settings, but add character to your ensembles. Plus, because this label doesn’t have the same following as mass-market chains, there’s no chance you’ll see anyone else wearing one of these pieces this season. Choose from copper or green paisley prints, or black with slightly psychedelic swirls.

Every piece from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s collection is a carefully designed and artfully executed labor of love, so expect your bow tie to endure for as long as you’d like to keep it. As this fall saw a renewed interest in traditional gentleman’s apparel, you’ll be bang-on when you sport this piece in the coming months. It’s unlikely that bow ties will establish a huge fan base, however, meaning that you can’t expect this piece to look as cool as it does now in one year’s time. If you’re willing to don a bow tie on any old day it suggests you’re deliberately giving your outfits an edge, in which case $100 isn’t necessarily an insane amount to pay for an accessory. Don’t even think about it, though, if wearing a bow tie everywhere this fall seems more like a punishment to you than a fun fashion statement.

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Dine among pretty young things

Sat, 22 Aug 2009 06:18:00 +0000

An Italian trattoria in the heart of NYC’s bustling West Village is something that has been done before, but never before has it been done in such a relaxed and stylish way. Scuderia is the brainchild of NYC landmark restaurateur Silvano Marchetto (of Da Silvano) along with his 29-year-old daughter Leyla. This chic and casual restaurant takes a rustic approach to traditional Italian dishes and it is fast becoming one of the hottest dishes in town. It also happens to be a hot spot of beautiful young women and the menu includes perhaps our favorite dessert of 2009. Yes, you want to go to Scuderia.

Simply by virtue of the Marchetto’s involvement, the scene at Scuderia is one you want to be a part of. Regulars include Famke Janssen, Lake Bell and a host of other PYTs. The clientele is stylish and youthful, with an almost European vibe. At night, the casual dining tables are filled with groups of women out on the town. During the day, young moms stopping by for a glass of wine after dropping their children off at the neighboring Little Red Schoolhouse are the norm. Either way, the airy dining room lends itself to striking up a conversation with those around you; Scuderia is nothing if not a social restaurant.

The menu at Scuderia dabbles in both the classic and the creative. Italian staples such as gnocchi and lasagna Bolognese are present and executed well. American classics are available too; things like a classic cheeseburger and skirt steak with jalapeño salsa verde dip are two favorites. Things get even better when the extensive daily specials list is presented. A fresh lobster salad featuring slices of avocado and fruit was a surprise hit, and the lobster itself was some of the freshest we’ve tasted in Manhattan. Another interesting dish from the specials list is a breaded artichoke over polenta. However, no visit to Scuderia would be complete without one of the most outstanding desserts we’ve tasted all year, the pizzetta con Nutella e marscapone. This dish alone is worth a trip to Scuderia, and we predict it will become their trademark.

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Tequila: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Fri, 21 Aug 2009 09:11:00 +0000

Tequila has a bad reputation and it’s because we’ve all been there, lured by its ritualistic methods of consumption and its promise to take us to a higher level of consciousness, but in the end we’re left with a vague recollection of the night’s proceedings, wondering who’s in the bed beside us, cotton-mouthed and crusty-eyed. Some might blame all that on the volume of tequila ingested, others might point to the sugar-based ingredients tequila is sometimes mixed with (then called mixto), and yet it likely has something to do with the quality of the tequila (inferior tequilas often add sugar and caramel). Our typical college or tavern experience with tequila contradicts one of Danny Schneeweiss’ (cofounder of Milagro tequila) guiding principles in life, which is: “tequila shouldn’t be painful.” When you drink premium brands like Milagro, which is made from 100% agave, insanity shouldn’t follow and hangovers will be a thing of the past.If you’re in the market to buy some tequila (and why wouldn’t you be, since 90% of tequila sales are made in Mexico and the U.S.), there’s basically one thing you want to look for on the bottle, and that’s “100% de agave.” This means is that all the alcohol contained within the bottle is a direct result of the fermentation of the agave and only the agave; no sugar or other additives have been included to supplement the creation of the alcohol. In the end, this results in better tasting tequila and hopefully no hangovers.Tequila is the heart and soul of Mexico. It’s the national drink and it has been unfairly branded throughout history -- even after the conquistadors introduced distillation to mezcal in 1530. Bet you didn’t know that or these other five things you didn’t know about tequila.1- Tequila is aged in the plant, not the caskMost of us know that spirits like whisky and wines are aged in oak barrels, which typically enhance their flavors and smooths out their edge. There’s usually a point of perfection, but there’s often a certain amount of prestige associated with older spirits, and with that prestige comes a higher price point. Unlike these fruit- or grain-based beverages, tequila is derived from the blue agave plant (not a cactus as many believe), which is a member of the lily and amaryllis family of flowering plants. While some tequila, such as Milagro’s reposado and anejo is aged in barrels (unlike the brand's silver line, which is not), the time to maturation is short; allowing tequila to age longer than four years could deteriorate the quality of the spirit. Nonetheless, blanco is bottled directly after distillation, resposado (rested) must be aged a minimum of two months by law (Milagro, however, ages theirs for six months), and anejo (old) is aged a minimum of 12 months by law (and, again, Milagro, ages theirs for 18 months).The blue agave plant takes 8 to 12 years to mature, at which time the heart, called the pina because it resembles a pineapple, is harvested. The harvested pina typically weighs 50 kilos and will produce one case (12 bottles) of tequila. Timing is crucial when harvesting the blue agave, which is why it’s said that the aging is done in the plant. After waiting 8 to 12 years for the plant to mature, you know you’re getting close when the leaves are between five and eight feet tall, the plant’s diameter is 7 to 12 feet and the quiote (stem) shoots up from the center of the plant. As soon as the quiote shoots up, it’s removed (and harvesting isn’t far behind) because it will reduce the amount of sugar in the pina, which would make it unusable for the tequila-making process.2- Tequila is like champagneLike champagne, tequila has Denomination of Origin, meaning that the spirit can only be produced in Mexico -- and[...]

“Megan Wants A Millionaire” Cancelled

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VH1 has postponed all future airings of the popular reality dating series Megan Wants A Millionaire as police in Los Angeles search for a Canadian finalist suspected of killing his wife.

An international manhunt is on for Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on the well received show who is now a suspect in the strangling death of his wife, 28-year-old swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore.

Police say Fiore’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in a trash bin in Buena Park, California last weekend. She was last seen Friday night at her home in Los Angeles. According to local media, Jenkins took Fiore to a poker party in San Diego the night she disappeared.

VH1 released the following statement regarding the case late Wednesday: “Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire, an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.”

All information regarding the show has been removed from the network’s official site. According to some media reports, Jenkins won $250,000 on I Love Money 3, which was taped in March and is scheduled for broadcast later this year.

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Attract Women With Confidence

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Women are attracted to confidence. It’s hardwired into their brains and it’s not difficult to understand why: Confidence is typically reflective of value. Confidence is an indicator of intelligence, strength, charisma, and good looks. Women want to be around confident men because there’s a good chance confident men are worth being around. This is why confidence is what women notice first: It’s an indicator of just about every other quality women find attractive.So, when trying to meet women, projecting confidence should be at forefront of your mind. You should be thinking about projecting confidence the moment you walk into a room; you should be thinking it as soon as you introduce yourself; heck, you should be thinking about it even before you leave the house, when you’re at home getting ready.How do you show a woman you’re confident, you ask? Below, we’ve assembled a list of the things that women notice first -- these are the clues they use to determine whether or not a guy is confident. If you master these tips, you’ll definitely attract women with confidence.SmileThe look on your face is definitely one of the things that women notice first, and a smile is a great way to convey confidence. A smile communicates to those around you that you are happy and having fun. You’ll look comfortable and confident -- smiles open doors. So force yourself to smile, especially when you first arrive somewhere -- that’s when all eyes are most likely to be on you.Hand movementWhen you try to attract a women with confidence, hand movements are another thing you'll need to mindful of -- you need to keep them under control. Most importantly, don’t cross your arms or hold your drink in front of your chest: These are defensive postures and they indicate that you’re not comfortable being approached by strangers. Instead, keep your hands at your side, and use them sparingly during conversation. Pat your friend on his back and shake hands with new people; these actions emphasize friendliness, civility and improve your social capital.FriendsWhen you’re out on the prowl, a wingman can greatly improve your chances, and not just because he can distract your target’s friends while you make your move. A companion also automatically indicates that you’re not a social pariah (at least someone is willing to spend time with you). Don’t get carried away, though. It’s better to circulate in pairs. Large groups intimidate people, so don’t prowl around the club like a street gang.GroomingGood grooming is absolutely essential to displaying confidence. In fact, grooming may be the one thing that women notice first. A guy with a bad haircut or unkempt facial hair is pretty much doomed before he even opens his mouth. And don’t even get us started on body odor; if nothing else, make sure you don’t smell.Our final insights on how to attract women with confidence you should work grooming into your regular routine, because you never know when a pickup opportunity is going to present itself. If you bump into a beautiful woman at the mall or on the street, you’ll want the confidence that comes with knowing you look good.ClothingStyle is one of those things that is both objective and subjective. Objectively speaking, it’s important that your clothes are clean and generally in good condition (unless we’re talking about deliberately damaged denim). It’s also important that your clothes fit properly; many guys wear baggy, ill-fitting clothes, and women notice.Beyond that, style choices are up to you. Whether you dress like a biker or a preppy, the most important thing is that you feel good in your clothes. You want that shirt that hugs your body just right, and you want to we[...]

DIY Cigarettes : Are you a Marlboro man?

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Something unusual is cropping up alongside the tomatoes, eggplant and okra in Scott Byars' vegetable garden ? the elephantine leaves of 30 tobacco plants.

Driven largely by ever-rising tobacco prices, he's among a growing number of smokers that have turned to their green thumbs to cultivate tobacco plants to blend their own cigarettes, cigars and chew. Byars normally pays $5 for a five-pack of cigars and $3 for a tin of snuff; the seed cost him $9.

"I want to get to where I don't have to go to the store and buy tobacco, but I'll just be able to supply my own from one year to the next," Byars said.

In urban lots and on rural acres, smokers and smokeless tobacco users are planting Virginia Gold, Goose Creek Red, Yellow Twist Bud and dozens of other tobacco varieties.

Although most people still buy from big tobacco, the movement took off in April when the tax on cigarettes went up 62 cents to $1.01 a pack. Large tax increases were also imposed on other tobacco products, and tobacco companies upped prices even more to compensate for lost sales.

Some seed suppliers have reported a tenfold increase in sales as some of the country's 43.3 million smokers look for a cheaper way to get their nicotine fix in a down economy. Cigarettes cost an average of $4.35 a pack, home growers can make that amount for about 30 cents.

It's the latest do-it-yourself movement as others repair their own cars, swap used clothes and cancel yard work services to save money.

"Cigarette smokers say, 'Yeah, we're going to die of cancer, but do we have to die of poverty as well?'" said Jack
Basharan, who operates The Tobacco Seed Co. Ltd. in Essex, England. Virtually all of his increased tobacco seed sales have been in the U.S., he said.

However, growing and processing tobacco can challenge even the best gardeners. The nearly microscopic seeds must initially be grown inside and transplanted after the threat of frost has passed.

A seed started in March can be harvested, hung to dry and ready to smoke as soon as October. Some anxious growers have been known to microwave leaves to hasten the drying. For purists, the leaves can be cured, or aged, like a fine wine for up to three years.

"It's actually very labor intensive," said Ed Baker, general manager of Cross Creek Seed Inc. in Raeford, N.C., the No. 1 tobacco seed supplier in the U.S. "There's a reason why cigarette companies make all that money. If it was that easy, everyone would be growing their own tobacco."

Philip Morris USA, the nation's No. 1 cigarette maker, and other big companies are unlikely to shudder. Philip Gorham, a tobacco industry analyst with the investment research firm Morningstar, said he had no data on smokers who switched to homegrown. But he doesn't see it as a mass movement.

"It's one thing to switch from a premium brand to a discount one. It's quite another to switch from buying a manufactured product to roll your own," Gorham said.

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How To: Prepare Your Veggies

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By now, most people are familiar with the golden rule of vegetable consumption: five a day. Although, when it comes to getting the most out of those veggies, many are still stumped. Boil, steam, bake, fry or dry? The options are limitless, but the nutritional differences can be profound -- at least that’s what AM found when we looked at different way’s to prepare veggies.Is raw always best?Most nutritional scientists will agree that eating vegetables raw is the most efficient way to preserve vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, but is raw always best? It appears the answer is no. A study published last year in the British Journal of Medicine followed 198 subjects who adhered to a strict raw food diet and found that the participants had low levels of lycopene, an important cancer-fighting antioxidant found in tomatoes, guava, watermelon and red bell peppers. The solution? Heat. Cooking tomatoes for 30 minutes or more has been shown to significantly increase the amount of lycopene compared to raw tomatoes, because the heat breaks down the tomato’s thick cell wall, facilitating the release of this important compound. However, heating isn’t always the solution.CookingOn one hand, cooking veggies such as carrots can increase levels of beta-carotene, a carotenoid that is converted by the body to vitamin A, which plays an important role in vision, reproduction, bone growth and regulating the immune system. On the other hand, canned carrots or peas have been shown to lose up to 95% of their vitamin C from cooking. What’s more, delicate veggies such as spinach break down in no time at all, even at low temperatures. The dilemma of whether or not to cook is therefore far from settled. The issue is even further muddied when trying to decide which cooking method is best.Stay put and read on about what cooking method is best for your veggiesWhich cooking method is best?Steaming, boiling, microwaving, pressure cooking, and frying are all acceptable methods of cooking your veggies, but when it comes to deciding which is best, the truth is that no single method is tops, and the choice is largely left up to the individual. In January of 2008, a report in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry concluded that boiling was best for carrots, zucchini and broccoli, better than steaming, frying or even serving raw. Frying was by far the worst, as it can lead to the creation of free radicals -- highly reactive compounds that can injure healthy cells. However, a November 2007 study in the same journal found that heating broccoli damages the enzyme myrosinase which is important for the production of sulforaphane, a potential cancer-fighting and ulcer-preventing compound. Making matters even more befuddling, a March 2007 study in The Journal of Food Science touted microwaving as tops, at least when it came to preserving vitamin C. This study found that microwaving and pressure-cooking led to only a 10% loss in vitamin C levels in broccoli, while steaming and boiling caused upwards of a 34% loss. Although -- surprise, surprise -- a November 2007 study in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found quite the opposite. The bottom lineThere are countless examples of studies that flip-flop on which cooking method is best, depending on which veggies are examined and which specific nutrients are being measured. The point then is to enjoy variety. Food is cooked so it tastes better. If it tastes better, you’ll eat more. The same principle applies to adding spices or fatty dressings to food. According to a May 2008 study in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, one of the largest barriers to young adults eati[...]

Michael Phelps Drank Beer Before Crash

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Michael Phelps has admitted that he drank a beer before getting into an accident in Downtown Baltimore last week — but authorities maintain the athlete is not at fault for the crash, according to The Associated Press.

Officers who arrived at the scene did not administer field sobriety tests because the 24-year-old gold medal-winning Olympian — who was arrested for DUI in 2004 — showed no signs of impairment at the scene. Amanda Virkus, the other driver involved in the accident, ran a red light in her late model Honda Accord before colliding with Phelps’ Cadillac Escalade, putting her at fault for the accident, police say.

“We had our very best eyes on the situation, and we’re very well aware of his history and his notoriety,” Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. “We wanted to make sure that everything was done by the book.”

Michael will be cited for driving with an invalid, out-of-state license.

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Why You Should Visit Yokohama

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Japan is a country for observation: looking at landscapes, temples and fantastic architecture are all reasons to visit, and Yokohama can offer you a little slice of everything. From some of Japan’s most scenic Shinto temples to amazing views of Mount Fuji and the Kanto region from the Landmark Tower, this city, the second largest in Japan, gives you a whole lot if you’re looking to get off the beaten path that is all things Tokyo -- and it’s only a quick train ride from central Tokyo to get there.

Once known as the “boring son” due to its suburban position next to Tokyo, Yokohama is blossoming as a futuristic, clean and modern location with an exciting arts scene.

Primarily, most of the city’s activity is centered around the Minato Mirai 21, a futuristic multi-property development on reclaimed land. The area boasts a multitude of shopping centers, restaurants, residential properties, offices, and pretty much anything the modern world has to offer, including plenty of museums, art galleries and even the Cosmo World amusement park right in the city center. Additionally, Yokohama has the country’s largest Chinatown area, a stark contrast to the wide-open spaces of Minato Mirai and in its cuisine (of which there are some great eats to be found). Don’t forget to check out the cultural center BankART 1929, the Aka Renga Souko complex on the bohemian waterfront promenade, and the central Yokohama Art Museum for some of Japan’s (and the world's) most magnificent paintings, sculptures and designs.

Talk to most foreigners or expats who work in Yokohama and they’ll tell you that it’s the place to find a whole lot of English teaching jobs. It’s also a refuge of sorts from the craziness that is Tokyo, but is still only a quick ride away if you feel like hitting the big city life. Yokohama also offers a little more room for moving around without the crowds (but that’s only when compared to Tokyo, which really isn’t a fair comparison). You can still get all your favorite stores and services (such as the fine dining around the Minato Mirai 21 area and Yokohama Station area) and, of course, essentials like Yodobashi Camera, all in one central location. There is also a fairly large expat community there since Yokohama was originally known as the first port open to foreign trade in Eastern Japan, but depending on your tastes, this can be either a godsend or a curse. Other expats are fun, but the tour groups are a gift from hell.(image)

Marantz UD9004 Universal Player

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Audio and video perfectionists with a penchant for consolidation can finally relax. Capitalizing on decades of legendary expertise, Marantz has created the Pangaea of disc-based components in its new flagship, the UD9004 Universal Player. Inside, reference-grade parts and construction combine to provide an unsurpassed multimedia experience for practically any 12 cm digital audio or video disc in existence, including CDs, SCADs, DVDs, and Blu-ray. Of course, with an MSRP of $5,999.99, owning this pinnacle of home entertainment performance doesn’t come cheap. So those thirsting for home theater perfection must match their obsessions with sultan-like incomes to have one of their own.

Designed to cater to the pickiest of home theater enthusiasts, mechanical audio distortion is virtually eliminated through the UD9004’s extensively braced chassis and machine milled copper feet. The unit’s dedicated audio section addresses other distinct audiophile concerns over electronic signal disruptions in several ways. In “Pure Direct” mode, internal interference is further dampened to deliver exceptionally focused sound by shutting down video playing elements when not in use. Widespread shielding, balanced channels and Two Sharc Digital Signal Processors provide uncompromised HD audio decoding and signal purity. On the video side, outstanding image accuracy is obtained via 36-bit Deep Color support and a leading-edge 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset. High-end projector owners will also appreciate the unit’s vertical stretch feature when playing back titles with a 2:35:1 aspect ratio. This maximizes screen space by eliminating top and bottom black bars without introducing image noise or artifacts.

As long as Blu-ray remains entrenched as the picture and sound benchmark of home entertainment, the UD9004 is impeccably suited for its role as a signal source disc-based component. Delivering a superior audio and visual experience only formerly produced by separate reference grade devices, those who can afford it should appreciate its performance for years to come. Connectivity features such as dual HDMI outputs, an SD card reader, Ethernet jack and convenient onscreen interface only help to extend the device’s future compatibility.(image)

Eating Up Summer: This Week In Food

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Lately it seems like all anyone in the food world can talk about is local, seasonal food. Now, you can bet your firstborn that we at AM will never preach to you, we'll never drink the self-righteous foodie Kool-Aid and then spew it all over you, our innocent readers, but we will say this: all the talk about local food is totally legit. It's more delicious. It's better for the environment. Growing food brings us closer to our roots, back to a time when men were truly men. Wait, didn't we just promise we'd never preach to you? Sorry -- you can have your firstborn back.

Searching for the perfect tomato
So all this local food talk is great, but we're still in the dark about which specific foods we should be looking for as the seasons change. After all, not every guy can manage to get up before noon on a Saturday to make it down to the farmers' market, and not every guy has a buddy who happens to be a farmer. For the guy who shops at the grocery store when he has time but doesn't want to sweat it, here's a guide to what's in season right now. Chances are that even if they're in the produce section of your local mega-store, these fruits and veggies are at their peak right now, and might even be sourced locally.

The right-now hot list
These fruits and veggies are in season pretty much everywhere right now:
Tomatoes, zucchini and all other types of squash, sweet corn, cucumbers, carrots, beets, all kinds of salad greens, peppers, eggplant, peaches, plums, blueberries, and raspberries.

These fruits and veggies hit their peak later in the summer and early fall, so hold off for the best stuff:
Apples, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower.

These fruits and veggies are generally shipped in from other parts of the world at this time of year:
Bananas, citrus (oranges and grapefruit are ready in Florida and California in winter, but not right now), asparagus (they're local in early summer, but it's too hot now), and kiwis.

So what do you do with a semi-intimidating pile of fresh local vegetables? Here's a tip from AM's test kitchen: Almost any three vegetables, cut up small and seasoned with lime and salt, will make a pretty good salsa.(image)

The Man Wall

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You probably think your home entertainment system is complete. You have the flat-screen HDTV, you have the hot gaming consoles and you even have the sick Blu-ray player, and 5.1 surround-sound system. But that was all before Hybrid Space Furniture introduced The Man Wall, and made that puny rig you've got in your living room seem ancient. If you want your house to be the go-to spot for Sunday NFL football, and you have a spare $15,000 lying around, this insane setup will blow your mind and send your spouse running for the hills.

The Man Wall is technology and sports done to obscene excess, just the way any guy would want it. Housed in a stunning wooden wall unit, The Man Wall crams every possible amenity a sports-loving dude would want into one space. Nobody should have to be limited to one TV on Sundays -- after all, there are up to 16 games a weekend -- so Hybrid Space installed four high-definition sets into this thing. The centerpiece is a 42-inch Vizio, which is flanked by three smaller 26-inch Vizio units. All four TVs allow for 1080p up conversion. If the handful of TVs don’t impress you, how about the fact that they come complemented by a 1,000-Watt Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater system, a five-disc DVD player, iPod dock, and two wireless speakers with only one remote needed to control the whole enchilada.

Any serious sports fan will tell you that getting together with his buddies and watching the game is only half the fun, the other half is only achieved when you have some good food, cigars and quality cold beverages ready to go as well. Hybrid Space Furniture is aware of this fact, and has built every single one of these features right into your treasured Man Wall. There is a fully functional refrigerated keg and tap in The Man Wall, as well as a 32-bottle wine rack and two top-of-the-line cigar humidors to keep those celebratory stogies in perfect condition. When you are ready for some halftime food, pop some grub right into the 1,000-Watt microwave oven located directly under the main TV. You could walk 20 feet to your kitchen and do all of these things, but why risk missing a single snap or play? Topping the entire Man Wall off is a 7-foot Las Vegas-style sports book ticker that updates scores and comes with one year of free service (guess that was the least they could do after you drop your life’s savings into this thing). If you have the means, the space and the insane love of all things sports, The Man Wall will be your ultimate purchase. Just please feel free to invite us all over for the Super Bowl this year.

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How To: Argue Against Vegetarians

Mon, 17 Aug 2009 06:08:00 +0000

“You don’t win friends with salad.”-Homer SimpsonNearly every meat-eater has an unfortunate encounter with a righteous vegetarian at some point. Perhaps it’s just moments before you were ready to dig into a sirloin steak, or when you were browsing the meat aisle price-checking lamb shanks. Regardless of the location, there’s a good chance you were forced to endure a long-winded treatise about animal suffering that compared your own dietary habits to cannibalism. Luckily for you, you’ll never have to sit idly by while your diet is questioned again. This article will arm you with a series of well-informed arguments that will allow you to defend your dietary choices in a debate with a willing partner.The health argumentMany vegetarians argue that their lifestyle makes them healthier than those who eat meat. Although we certainly won’t discredit the many benefits of a vegetarian diet, there’s reason to believe that a well-balanced omnivorous diet is a far healthier choice. Studies have repeatedly shown that vegetarians who fail to supplement their diets with Vitamin D, B12 and iron are prone to becoming dangerously anemic. Vegetarians also typically miss out on omega-3 fatty acids. These unsaturated acids have been proved to slow the progression of atherosclerosis, reduce triglyceride levels, act as anti-inflammatory agents, and potentially help with depression and some personality disorders.Researchers at Oxford University recently followed 35,000 individuals aged 20 to 89 for a period of five years and discovered that vegans are 30% more likely to break a bone than their vegetarian and flesh-eating peers. A subsequent study conducted by Sydney’s Garvan Institute for Medical Research found that vegetarians had bones 5% less dense than meat-eaters. This can be attributed to the fact that many vegetarians and vegans consume very little calcium due to the limitations of their diet.The moral argumentMany vegetarians argue that god’s creatures shouldn’t be sacrificed simply to appease our craving for a thick, juicy rib eye. While there may be some merit to their arguments, their rationale also reeks of hypocrisy. Although vegetarians openly decry the slaughter of animals, they think nothing of tearing carrots and spuds out of the earth or of sticking a zucchini into a high-speed blender. Like it or not, plants are also living organisms that respond to stimuli like light, gravity and touch. In fact, some groups even believe plants can feel pain. Take the Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology, for instance. This Swiss group recently came out in defense of our leafy green friends in a report on “the dignity of the creature in the plant world.” They argued that plants deserve respect and that killing them arbitrarily is morally wrong.Want to formulate better arguments against vegetarians?The humane treatment argumentAnother issue that some vegetarians take personally is the way in which cuddly little lambs are turned into delicious lamb chops. We’ll be the first to admit that traditional slaughterhouses should be condemned. However, there are plenty of organizations that raise -- and kill -- animals humanely. One of them is Humane Farm Animal Care, a nonprofit organization created to improve the lives of farm animals by certifying their humane treatment. When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label on a product, you can be assured that the products in question have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standa[...]

Are Magazines Dead?: Celebrity Topic

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 06:17:00 +0000

John Koblin's article "The Gilded Age of Condé Nast is Over" in The New York Observer suggests that the print industry is about to have its death certificate inked. One of Koblin's most important observations? Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter now eats in the Condé Nast cafeteria.

An insider told the journalist: "I saw Graydon in the cafeteria this week! In all my years here, I've never seen him in my life there. He was behind me in the line at checkout with his little swipe card! He was milling around uncomfortably with the commoners."

The cafeteria? Who eats in the cafeteria? We'd rather eat a soggy homemade tomato sandwich in a bathroom stall peppered with our very own tears than eat in the cafeteria... We're kidding. Isn't the fact that the idea of eating in a cafeteria is somehow below someone a little sad? Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren't ashamed to go to McDonald's, so why is it such a big deal for a magazine editor to hold a tray and say: "Can I have a little more ketchup please?" Have we maybe blown the whole idea of an editor out of proportion and allotted them more cultural significance than they actually deserve?

Forget about the cafeteria. The real sign the magazine industry is probably over? Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett will grace two separate covers of Vanity Fair's September issue. Not to piss on anyone's ashes, but isn't that a little weak? When an A-list magazine chooses to use existing artwork as opposed to doing their own cover shoot for the September issue, it's a sign that the industry might indeed be falling apart. But maybe the death of print isn't the worst thing? We don't mean to come off as tree huggers because we love a coffee in a paper cup as much as the next guy, but maybe it's time to rethink the way we cover pop culture? Should we let magazines be a thing of the past, or is the tangibility of the object itself something we still value?

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The Most Dangerous Man On The Planet?

Tue, 11 Aug 2009 08:51:00 +0000

Why Is He Famous?Anderson Silva is one of the toughest and most successful UFC fighters in history. A middleweight champion (he is also the middleweight champ of Cage Rage World), Anderson Silva has competed in PRIDE Fighting Championships, Shooto and Rumble on the Rock. As of August 2009, Anderson Silva has compiled a professional record of 25 wins and 4 losses, with 15 wins coming by knockout -- including a career-shattering blow againstWoman MagnetismAnderson Silva is a fighter, not a lover (at least that's what he's known for). That said, the man still has a unique effect on the ladies. On the one hand, women who are married or coupled up with his challengers get to watch in horror as he pounds the stuffing out of their men. On the other hand, the women who aren't related to his opponents can marvel at Anderson Silva's impressive fighting skills and his appropriately chiseled physique.So how does Anderson Silva maintain his perfect brawn? A 40-minute run starts the day off, followed by an intense jujitsu workout. Training at the gym follows, with some vale-tudo after that. There are also two days of additional physical workouts each week as well as specialized medical examinations. If you can keep up with Anderson Silva's training regiment, you can handle the UFC and its female fans. SuccessAnderson Silva's list of professional achievements packs quite a punch. Skilled in mixed martial arts, he's a specialist in Muay Thai techniques and also in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in which he holds a black belt. The UFC's Middleweight Champion going into 2008, Anderson Silva has also held top spots on the Shooto and Cage Rage circuits. In addition, he's participated in other grueling competitions like Rumble on the Rock and PRIDE. The list of Anderson Silva's defeated challengers is a who's who of talent like Jeremy Horn, Rich Franklin and Chris Leben. Anderson Silva's achievements haven't come without recognition from industry observers:, and all place Anderson Silva at the top of their worldwide middleweight rankings, while puts him at the top of their list as one of the best martial artists on the planet. BiographyAnderson da Silva was born on April 14, 1975, in Curitiba, Brazil.His interest in martial arts began at age 14 when he started learning tae kwon do, but he wouldn't start fighting professionally until 11 years later. Until then, Anderson Silva was actually working odd jobs that included everything from service jobs at McDonald's to clerical office work. When Anderson Silva did start fighting in 2000 as part of Brazil's Mecca circuit, he had the dubious honor of losing his first match to Luiz Azeredo. His fortune changed when Anderson won his next two bouts in spectacular knockout fashion. Anxious to test his skills elsewhere, Anderson Silva went to Japan in 2001 to fight on the Shooto circuit. After a unanimous decision against Tetsuji Kato in his first Shooto match, Anderson Silva split his time between Mecca and Shooto until mid-2001 and didn't lose a fight in the process. Anderson Silva proved he was nearing the top of his game in the summer of 2001, when he captured the Shooto middleweight title against Yahato Sakurai, who had never been beaten.anderson silva joins pride and cage rageAs his fighting career expanded, Anderson Silva participated in matches on four continents between 2003 and 2006. Initially fighting as a member of the highly regarded Ch[...]

Women Drinking More: Study

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 06:56:00 +0000

NEW YORK (AP) -- It seemed too horrendous even to imagine. But the case of the mother who caused a deadly wrong-way crash while drunk and stoned is part of a disturbing trend: Women in the U.S. are drinking more, and drunken-driving arrests among women are rising rapidly while falling among men.And some of those women, as in the New York case, are getting behind the wheel with kids in the back.Men still drink more than women and are responsible for more drunken-driving cases. But the gap is narrowing, and among the reasons cited are that women are feeling greater pressures at work and home, they are driving more, and they are behaving more recklessly."Younger women feel more empowered, more equal to men, and have been beginning to exhibit the same uninhibited behaviors as men," said Chris Cochran of the California Office of Traffic Safety.Another possible reason cited for the rising arrests: Police are less likely to let women off the hook these days.Nationwide, the number of women arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs was 28.8 percent higher in 2007 than it was in 1998, while the number of men arrested was 7.5 percent lower, according to FBI figures that cover about 56 percent of the country. (Despite the incomplete sample, Alfred Blumstein, a Carnegie Mellon University criminologist, said the trend probably holds true for the country as a whole.)"Women are picking up some of the dangerously bad habits of men," said Chuck Hurley, CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.In New York's Westchester County, where Diane Schuler's crash killed her and seven other people last month, the number of women arrested for drunken driving is up 2 percent this year, and officers said they are noticing more women with children in the back seat."We realized for the last two to three years, the pattern of more female drivers, particularly mothers with kids in their cars, getting arrested for drunk driving," said Tom Meier, director of Drug Prevention and Stop DWI for the county.In one case there, a woman out clubbing with her teenage daughter was sent to prison for causing a wrong-way crash that killed her daughter's friend.Another woman was charged with driving drunk after witnesses said she had been drinking all day before going to pick up her children at school. Authorities said the children were scared during the ride, and once they got home, they jumped out of the car, ran to a neighbor's house and told an adult, who called police. The mother lay passed out in the car, and police said her blood alcohol level was 0.27 percent -- more than three times the legal limit.In California, based on the same FBI figures, women accounted for 18.8 percent of all DUI arrests in 2007, up from 13.5 percent in 1998, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety.Unlike men, women tend to drink at home and alone, which allows them to conceal a problem more easily.Because of this, they seek treatment less often than men, and when they do, it is at a later stage, often when something catastrophic has already happened, said Dr. Petros Levounis, director of the Addiction Institute of New York at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center."Our society has taught us that women have an extra burden to be the perfect mothers and perfect wives and perfect daughters and perfect everything," Levounis said. "They tend to go to great lengths to keep everything intact from an external viewpoint while in[...]