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Preview: CodeCanyon new Miscellaneous items

CodeCanyon new Miscellaneous items

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Creative Agency - Complete Agency Website and Management System (Miscellaneous)


“Creative Agency” is a complete solution for any Agency Business Website and Management System. Client can use this system for any service company such as cleaning service, laundry service, home service, industrial service or any other business website. This CMS Includes almost everything you need to make any Agency business website with management system. Clients can order any service by single click and no need for registration to complete the order. Paypal stripe and payment after service options are integrated for easy payment transaction. It has many important section whice are important for any business website and everything is fully dynamic. This System is fully responsive for any device. Admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge. It has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation.
  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design for any device.
  • Clean code
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Simple but Powerful admin panel.
  • Special security against session hijacking.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Unlimited Service adding System.
  • Unlimited Portfolio adding System.
  • Unlimited Blog Post adding System.
  • Unlimited Team Member adding System.
  • Built-in Paypal Integration.
  • Built-in Stripe Integration.
  • Single Click Service Order System.
  • No registration required for Clients.
  • Dynamic Order Management System.
  • Dynamic Service Management System.
  • Dynamic Review adding System.
  • Dynamic Pricing Table Adding System.
  • User Subscription System.
  • Dynamic Blog System.
  • Dynamic Team Member Adding System.
  • Custom meta tag adding system for better SEO results.
  • Change everything such as logo, site title, footer from admin panel.
  • Built in About Us, FAQ and Contact Us page.
  • and much more…


Frontend Demo:
Admin Demo:

Admin Login:


We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of customization, support, query and suggestion. We will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you,



Neptune - Nextpost Instagram Skin (Miscellaneous)


(image) (image) (image) (image)

Neptune is a responsive skin only compatible with Nextpost Instagram. Easy to use, easier to install and customizable. It’s an excellent choice for using Nextpost with the Extended license.

These modules are not standalone app. You need to get main Nextpost Instagram app to use these modules. You can get main Nextpost Instagram app from:

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

  • Neoteric responsive design
  • Simple & clean code
  • Easy Installation
  • Automated price lists
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Sign in, Sign up, Reset password pages

Domino Real Estate Property Listing Cms (Miscellaneous)


Domino is the most flexible and easy to use real estate management system. It handles property listing without any complexity providing both customers and agents a great user experience. Features Create Estates The estates or properties you want to display on your site, comes from the estate listing that can be created by an registered agent or as an admin you can also create an estate to show on your site. From the navigation menu, you need to hit the create estate link which will lead you to a page where you can enter all the necessary information about the property or estate. You can select the property for rent or for sale by choosing a purpose for the estate. You also have the ability to set different amenities which are available within that estate or property you are creating. Of course, those amenities are customizable. You can add as many amenities as you want. You can also add distance fields while creating an estate or property. The address you provide will be reverse geocoded and will be shown on google map for better visualization of the location. While creating an estate you can add one image (featured image) which will work as a thumbnail image for the property. Later on you can add multiple images of the property. Estate Listing The estates you create and created by other agents is presented on this page. Here, you can see the list of all the properties that are being showcased on your site. From the property listing page, you can edit the existing property or can completely remove a property from the list. Locations Amenities Distance Fields Package Management Admin has the ability to create his preferred packages with some restrictions for agents. He can set a custom value or price for a specific package which later on agents can purchase and the estate uploading limits will be set for that particular agent according to the package. Agent Management Admin has the capability to see a list of all the agents and if he finds any irregularity or anything unusual he can disable the agent account so that the agent can not upload any property or can manage something. Pages and Menus It is custom page builder which will be reflected in the frontend. From create new page. You can set the page name and your custom url. If you select Manual. You will get a text box. There you can enter manual page contents. After saving your page will be reflected on the menu and it will be accessible. In the menus tab you will see your current active pages in order. You can reorder menu items by drag and drop. You can also create submenu items. After saving it will be reflected on the front end. Widgets There are two sub-menus here. From the widgets tab you can create custom widgets as you like. Just create a widget then paste your code from the edit. It can be any custom codes like adsense, banner or even php codes. Then simply save the code. From the widget position menu, you will get access to a page where we prepared custom widget position for the front end. Simply select a position you want to edit and click show. Then you will get the available and active widget list on left and right. Simply drag and drop widgets from left to right. You can position your widgets by drag and drop. It is similar to Wordpress widget. Paypal, Stripe, Recaptcha, Google Maps integrated Multi-language Update History Version 1.0 – November 12, 2017 - Initial release Requirement Apache server for running php PHP version 5.6 Database access,purchase code during installation Php curl should be enabled One purchase code is legal for using one domain only [...]

EPI CoreUI Template for PHPMaker 2018 (Miscellaneous)


EPI CoreUI Template for PHPMaker 2018 is a full replacement custom template for PHPMaker 2018. Leveraging the power of Bootstrap 4 and the interface enhancements of CoreUI, this is our most ambitious template yet!

This is a dynamic, living template that will be updated as CoreUI is updated, and Bootstrap 4 moves to final release. There are currently several overrides in the template that aim to fix issues in the original libraries. As they get updated, so does this template.

We are actively developing it and will be expanding it even more over the coming months. Thank you for the feedback, as always!


  • New: Sample PHPMaker 2018 and SQL files
  • New: For a limited time, we are including a new DateTimePicker compatible with Bootstrap 4
  • New: META tag functions with automatic embedding and tags input
  • Events Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Timeline
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Bootstrap 4 Carousel
  • Enhanced User Privileges page with switches and tooltips for clear, fast editing
  • Flex layout responsive design
  • Toggle persistent fixed footer, header, menus on the fly
  • Tons of custom PHP utility functions
  • Avatars
  • Notifications Menu
  • Tasks Menu
  • Messages Menu
  • Clean pages for Login, Register, Forgot Password
  • Animated Switches for RADIO and CHECKBOX form elements
  • Code Repository additions
  • Countless interface and layout improvements
  • Based on CoreUI 1.0.5 and Bootstrap 4 beta 2

Check out the video preview for a sneak peek at some of the features!

Flickr API - Get User ID, Get Profile Info, Generate Gallery (Miscellaneous)


Flickr API is a small PHP script which is clean, modern, easy and very useful to generate Flickr gallery and to get user ID in several ways.




(image) (image)


1. Get User ID By Username
2. Get User ID By Email
3. Get User ID By Profile URL
4. Get Profile Information
5. Generate Gallery By Photoset ID
6. Generate Gallery By User ID
7. Integrate Into Your Project

Live View

Go Here To


-First Release 1.0 

Post and Buy - Classified Ads Listings (Miscellaneous)



Please note that this is Laravel 5.5 application so exprience with this framework and server configuration is required with php 7+ version.


Post & Buy Classified Portal

Classified Portal is developed for creating an interactive classified website. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic site-requiring constant updates. On the whole the objective of the project is to provide users free classified portal where user can sell there goods. It will provide various companies to create their own classified site in market. Apart from this there will be an admin module for the customer to make changes to the database content.

Admin Login
Pass: test123456


  • Search Ads
  • Advance Search Filters
  • Post Free Ads
  • Free Registration
  • User Profile
  • User can manage active ads
  • User Can check pending ads
  • User Can check deleted ads
  • Email to friend option
  • Report Abuse to admin for fake ads
  • Manage Posted Ads
  • Manage Featured Ads
  • Contact Seller
  • Administrator.
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage User
  • Manage user Ads
  • User can send email to seller
  • Manage Filters
  • Manage Features
  • Manage Categories Features
  • Create Sub Users
  • Manage Google Ads
  • Handle smtp setting from admin
  • Sample Data Included


Administrator can manage whole website:

  • Site Settings
  • Admn Users
  • Manage Posted Ads
  • Admin Can Post Ads
  • Admin Can Make ad as a Featured
  • Add Categories
  • Add Sub Categories
  • Edit or Delete Categories
  • Add Categories Features
  • Assign Categories Features to specific Category
  • Manage Filters
  • Manage Site Users
  • Admin can add new Site User
  • Manage SEO
  • Manage FAQs
  • Manage whole website content. Dynamic CMS is included to manage the content of the website.
  • Manage advertise ads
  • and much more

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues regarding application.

Change Log 10 November 17

Re captcha in forms
Admin Dashboard feeds added

Upcoming Features

Payment Gateways
Multi Languages

Optimail Cleaner (Miscellaneous)


Video image demonstration 1 – How to 2 – Login 3 – Settings 4 – Domain validation 5 – SMTP validation 6 – Download and delete 7 – Bounce mails Introduction Optimail Cleaner is a web application that has been specially designed for intensive cleaning of your email addresses. This application offers 4 important features as powerful as each other and with countless sorting options. Requirements There is no particular requirements needed however here are some recommendations: PHP version 5.6 or greater (ideally version 7 or greater) Internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, IE11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera… Installation No need for any installation or configuration, Optimail Cleaner takes care of everything for you! From the connection to the application, the storage of data or any kind of configuration everything is done automatically. Features There are 4 great features in Optimail Cleaner: Validating email – Syntax checking for email address Domain validation – Checking the MX and AAAA records SMTP email validation – Check the existence of an email without sending it Bounce mail handler – Handle bouncing email directly from your mailbox Framework Conceived and designed exclusively for Berevi Collection applications including Optimail Cleaner, find the precision of object-oriented programming (OOP). PHP template engine Model View Controller (MVC) XML data engine Tutorial When using Optimail Cleaner for the first time, a tutorial will automatically start and explain how each option works in more detail. This tutorial is integrated into the application and can be consulted at any time. SMTP Validation Optimail Cleaner has a special level for cleaning up email addresses. The SMTP email validation represents the highest level of what you can do to check the existence of an email. Its use must be as accurate as possible and that is why it’s not recommended to be used from shared internet, behind a proxy server, from CLI command or in localhost mode. Bounce Mail Handler Bounces are messages that, due to an error, could not be delivered to their respective recipients. You can use this option to make the necessary verifications according to your settings and on what type of server your mailbox is hosted. Gmail Hotmail Yahoo AOL IMAP POP3 SSL IMAP or POP3 SSL IMAP or POP3 self-signed certificate NNTP Other You can also set the amount of bounce times before email deletion (default is 3). Envato API Despite all the power and possibilities offered by Optimail Cleaner, one of the essential points of the app remains the use of the Envato API. Indeed, the identification, the verification on the rights to the licenses as well as the downloads related to the application are directly controlled by the API. Here are some benefits: The identification is done directly from your account at Envato No need for username or password Automatic detection of already purchased applications No installation or configuration Automatic download (each available app is used as a plugin) And many more possibilities… How to use it? First of all, you have to unzip Optimail Cleaner and copy the files to your server using your favorite FTP software. Then simply go to the URL where you placed the app with at the end /web/login. That’s all! Really easy is not it? For example, if you have placed your files in, let’s say, oc folder then you have to proceed as follows: Go to: It’s very important to finish the url by /web/login otherwise you will not be able to access the app. Security Optimail Cleaner has its own security system, very advanced and very efficient. Its use can be done on a shared or dedicated server and with http or https protocols. A firewall mechanism is also integrated to ensure a better protection. Changelog[...]

CoinCompare - Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization (Miscellaneous)


About CoinCompare CoinCompare is a PHP web application, which displays general information, quotes and interactive historical charts for more than 1500 cryptocurrencies. It is designed to allow you quickly get a website like up and running. With CoinCompare you can order cryptocurrencies by: Market Capitalization 24 Hours Trading Volume (in coins) Last Trade Price 24 Hours % Change Supply CoinCompare features Multicolor. 12 color schemes are available to choose from. Multicurrency. Website admin can can set any display currency (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD etc) as the default. Also visitors can switch the currency if they like. The chosen currency is remembered, so visitors don’t have to select it each time. Multilanguage. Website admin can select one of the following built-in interface languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian. other languages can be easily added manually. News ticker. News ticker on the front page can automatically rotate news from virtually any RSS-compliant feed. Mobile friendly. Website is fully responsive on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. SEO enabled Each page provides individual title, meta and open graph tags. Data feed Live and historical cryptocurrency market data is automatically pulled through an API and persisted to a local database. Individual coin pages General cryptocurrency information, key indicators (supply, volume, market capitalization), twitter timeline feed, interactive historical charts are available on each cryptocurrency page. The chart allows to compare historical performance of a particular coin against any other. Monetization Google AdSense responsive ad units can be easily added to the top and bottom of each web page. Admin panel Admin interface is provided to manage key website settings. Warning: This is NOT a WordPress plugin or theme. System requirements URL rewrite enabled PHP 5.5.0 or above MySQL 5.1.0 or above Access to system cron (scheduled jobs) Installation Unzip and copy all files to your server. Open in a browser and follow instructions to complete the setup process. Stay in touch Do you have a question or would like to suggest a feature? Contact us and we will do our best to help! Rate our product Please help us to make our product better and rate it with 5 stars. Your support is priceless. Changes history CHANGELOG[...]

Neo Billing - Accounting, Invoicing And CRM Software (Miscellaneous)


A Well Designed Business Billing & Accounting Solution Neo Billing is a Well Designed Business Billing & Accounting Solution.Application author offers decent lifetime support and updates. Application is packed with ton of features like Invoicing,Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier management, Accounts, Data & Reports, REST API, CORN JOBS, Employee Management with distinct user roles. RTL Version is available. 20 Languages are available, check the bottom of page. Write us for any language file. The Application has REST API, so you can link it with different applications also. Invoicing Custom tax rates per products Custom discount rates per products Intigrated Stock Manager Get online payment with unique invoice link Decent Invoice Printing template Quotations Send Quotes with proposal as Email Convert quotes to invoices Purchase Orders Send Purchase with with your stock requirement to supplier Intigrated to Inventory Manager Inventory Management Track Stock worth category wise Manage Product Ware Houses Mnagae products with live stock status Customer Managment Get Record of Invoices with specific customer Income & Expenses by customer Income & Expenses by customer Supplier management Get Record Purchase orders Payment record to supplier Accounts Payment for invoice will relfalcted Sales & Purchase is intigrated to accounts Transactions All Payment activites record Make Custom transactions Data & Reports Company Statistics Accounts Statments Income Expenses MISCELLANEOUS Twilio SMS Intigration reCaptcha Short invoice url in SMS Notes To Do List & Calender Documents REST API CORN JOBS Employee Management Preloaded Multiple Payments Gateways Export & Databackups Nice Printable Invoices The application offers a well organised pretty invoice template to print, have a look Demo Details Login section for employees URL : Business Owner/Admin Email: Password: 123456 Business Manager Email: Password: 123456 Sales Manager Email: Password: 123456 Sales Person Email: Password: 123456 Login section for customer URL : Email: Password: 123456 Requirements No Programming Knowledge Required to install and use built with CodeIgnitor. Flexible and easy for modifications. This application has no special requirement, It can run on very basic configured and low powered system. It requires only PHP 5.6 or later with MySQL, which is very common in current market. Available languages are: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu Changelog Change Log v 1.3 - reCaptcha added to employee login - reCaptcha added to customer login - Twilio SMS Library Added - Url Shortner library added to short url in SMS - Product Warehouse added - Payment history added for customers - Event Calender Added - Language files updated - Italian Language Added Change Log v 1.2 - RTL Support Enabled - Language Settings Added in settings section - Arabic Language Pack Added - Czech Language Pack Added - French Language Pack Added - German Language Pack Added - Hindi Language Pack Added - Portuguese Language Pack Added - Spanish Language Pack Added - Urdu Language Pack Added - Small Improvements Change Log v 1.1 -Translation files updated Cha[...]

EPI Events Calendar for PHPMaker 2018 (Miscellaneous)


The EPI Events Calendar and TImeline, now available for PHPMaker 2018 as an extension!

A fully featured events calendar, nicely integrated into PHPmaker 2018 with full access to server-side recurring events, user sharing and styling.

You have a choice between styling with classes or hex values. Using classes has the benefit of bubbling up into the modal class. Using hex values has the benefit of reliable color representation. You can also roll your own CSS class and use that for both!

Timelines allow you to have something like our EPI Changelog, grouping items by day and sorting them chronologically with a respective icon and color class. Keeps everything on one tidy page for keeping your fans up to date.

Both are responsive, and could even be grouped on a dashboard alongside your other widgets.

Obituaries - Funeral services and obituaries (Miscellaneous)



This script is designed to offer an alternative practice to funeral services. The administrator, from the administrative area, will be able to put photos and details of the deceased, as well as the date and place where the funeral will take place.

But that’s not all! This script can also be useful to everyone, in fact, you can create a site to collect all famous death people.

You can leave your condolences in two different ways, by clicking on the button with the sad smile or by leaving a message via facebook comments.

“Obituaries” installs in just 10 min. It is designed for everyone, even for less experienced ones, its installation is very simple and fast! Our staff is at your disposal if you need it, just send an email.


  1. It is installed in just 10 min
  2. Easy to manage with the administrative area
  3. Easy to manage, even for inexperienced!
  4. Add new obituary with photos
  5. Edit and Delete Obituary
  6. Change status “Active-Inactive”
  7. Give the condolences with a Click
  8. Post your condolences through FB comments
  9. Create new pages
  10. Translate all in one file


Anvil - Advanced PHP Login and User Management with Page Builder (Miscellaneous)


Anvil is a PHP appication written in codeignter hmvc framework which provides secured User registration and management along with frontend website and pagebuilder. crafted with latest code and security standards and numerous test’s gives you a stable and secured login system.



  • Front end Website with Page Builder
  • File Management
  • Secured Throttling
  • Active Sessions
  • Data Export
  • Built with CodeIgniter 3.1.4
  • HMVC architecture
  • Secure user registration and login
  • Avatar and logo upload with crop feature
  • Social Authentication using Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Password reset
  • User Login
  • Secure password algorithm using Bcrypt
  • Remember Me feature on login
  • Login with email or username
  • CAPTCHA on registration
  • E-Mail verification for new users
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Manage permissions
  • Assign permission to users
  • Easy installation using installation wizard
  • Clean UI
  • Client side and server side form validation
  • Reports


  • XSS Filtering
  • CSRF protection
  • Password handling
  • Validate input data

Back End Demo

username: admin
password: admin123

Front End Demo

EPI Analytics for PHPMaker 2018 (Miscellaneous)


EPI Analytics and Charts for PHPMaker 2018 is here!

Just plug this extension into your PHPMaker 2018 project and enjoy the colourful charts and graphs from EPI AdminLTE! No PHPReportMaker is required, these charts are all database driven and ready to make your projects pop!

Within minutes you can have your site collecting analytics from your visitors, complete with a beautiful graph, including:

  • IP Address
  • Date / Time of visit
  • Referring site
  • Language
  • Locale
  • User Agent
  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • OS platform
  • City
  • Country
  • Int’l Country Code
  • Page visited

Included in this pack:

  • EPI Analytics PHP functions
  • ChartsJS 2.5 library and functions
  • jqvmap (including world map) library
  • GeoIP database – updated Oct 4 2017
  • Functions for META and TITLE tags



BikengePesa – is online payment system for anyone who need to start their money transfer system like paypal or skrill. With BikengePesa you can accept credit & debit card, send money, received money, request money, checkout API integration and dispute money in Personal and Business account. This item is build in latest codeigniter and.latest bootstrap theme. Clean code and easy to customize. We can improve our item every end of the week and we can’t stop to update our item. OFFER: (Discounts of $104) Buy now BikengePesa for $64 SYSTEM FEATURES User signup and login. User password reset. Personal & Business account Mobile Payment Refund Payment Resolution center (Dispute) Login with email and mobile number. Easy front-end and back-end Design. SEO friendly, clean and meaningful URLs. 100% Mobile ready. User profiles. User roles. User profile image upload. Built with Bootstrap themes Server side form validation. And more Feature… MEMBER FEATURES Deposit Payment Withdraw Payment Send Payment Request Payment Accept & Cancel pending payment request Transaction History Manage Bank Account and Card. Card verification before added Manage Profile Setting Checkout API Login with mobile or email Refund Payment Resolution center (Dispute) And more feature.. SMS Notification ID verification Submit and Admin to approval DEPOSIT FEATURES Paypal Bank Credit & Debit card (Stripe) Bitcoin (Blockchain) M-PESA TIGO-PESA MTN MONEY ORANGE MONEY WESTERN UNION WITHDRAW FEATURES Paypal Bank Credit & Debit card (Stripe) Bitcoin (Blockchain) M-PESA TIGO-PESA MTN MONEY ORANGE MONEY WESTERN UNION Perfect Money Withdraw PayUMoney Withdraw Payza Withdraw Skrill Withdraw Netteler Withdraw MoneyGram Withdraw ADMIN FEATURES Accept pending deposit (bank request) Accept pending Withdraw Manage Users Edit and delete users Manage Transaction Manage system fees for payment Edit admin profile And more feature.. Server Requirements PHP version 5.6 or newer is recommended. For databases, MySQL (5.1+) via the mysql (deprecated), mysqli and pdo drivers. Accounts Login/Signin Credentials In demo free site other feature you can not see but i’m prepire other demo site. Admin Account Username: Password: Admin#360 User Account Username: Password: Tanzania360# For Card Deposit(Stripe) option Use. Card Number: 4242424242424242 Card exp month: 1 Card exp year: 19 0r 2019 WHAT WE OFFER FREE IN OUR ITEM? Blockchain integration API if you have blockchain api To integrate TIGO PESA TANZANIA, M-PESA KENYA and TANZANIA in deposit Option (Automatically Deposit) Other Country we offer 1 mobile processor to integrate Free installation Sever configuration Managed VPS only (if needed for buyer) Be free to ask me anything and any time. NEXT UPDATE IN PROGRESS Currency conversion 2-factor verification on login and sending money Limit for sending payment to unverified member Perfect Money Deposit ADVCASH Deposit PayUMoney Deposit Payza Deposit Yandex Money Payeer Deposit MoneyGram Deposit Alipay Deposit & Withdraw IPN Notification for checkout api Ticket Support Invoice Wordpress plugin (woocommerce) Changelog v1.2 3/11/2017 SMS Notification ID verification Submit and Admin to approval Changelog v1.1 30/10/2017 Perfect Money Withdraw PayUMoney Wit[...]

CitiesDirectory Web Application (Miscellaneous)


Release Note Version : 1.0.2 Released Date : 2 Nov 2017 #Change Log - Security and Vulnerability Fixed especially files upload #Effected Files - application/config/mimes.php - application/config/teamps_config.php - application/controllers/Categories.php - application/controllers/Cities.php - application/controllers/Feeds.php - application/controllers/Profile.php - application/controllers/Sub_categories.php - application/libraries/Uploader.php - application/views/categories/add.php - application/views/categories/edit.php - application/views/flash_message.php - application/views/sub_categories/add.php - application/views/sub_categories/edit.php - application/views/templates/front-end/profile.php - application/views/cities/list.php - application/views/templates/citiesdirectory/nav.php Version : 1.0.1 Released Date : 23 Oct 2017 #Change Log 1) Home Page Image Loading Performance 2) "Loadmore" bug fixed 3) Page Scroll Down Effect Improvement Version : 1.0.0 Released Date : 15 Aug 2017 # Website Frontend Features 1) Using CodeIgniter 3.0 & MySQL 2) Responsive Website 3) Carousel/Slider Effect 4) Explore On Google Map 5) Cities List 6) Items with Categories & Sub-Categories 7) Item Details & Gallery 8 ) User Reviews Items 9) User Likes Items 10) User Favourites Items 11) User Register, Login, Forgot Password 12) User Profile Management 13) News Feed 14) Share On Facebook & Twitter # Backend Features 1) Cities Management 2) City Registration For Public 3) Approve Or Reject City from Super Admin 4) Categories & Sub Categories Management 5) Items Management 6) Like, Review, Favourite Management Of Item 7) Inquiry Message Management 8 ) Registered Users Management 9) System Users & Access Management 10) Data Analytics Using Google Chart 11) Database Backup How to extend web frontend for existing Backend User We already explained details so llease take a look more details at our blog post. FAQ Q. What technologies are using? A. CodeIgniter 3 PHP Framework, MySQL Database, Javascript, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap 4, Apache Q. Is it support for both PHP 5 & 7 A. Yes. Q. What is server requirement to host? A. It should be fine the shared hosting with cPanel. Q. Can I get source code and able to modify? A. Yes, you can get all source for both frontend and backend and able to modify whatever you want. Q. It is included Backend & API as together? A. Yes, you can manage all content from Backend and then RESTFul API will transfer data in between App and Backend. Q. Do I need to know programming knowledge to modify the app? A. Yes, especially CodeIgniter MVC Knowledge. Q. Can I use same backend for web and mobile apps? A. Yes, you can manage all data fro[...]

MokoCMS - Responsive News and Blog Portal CMS Script (Miscellaneous)


MokoCMS is a Responsive News and Blog Portal CMS Script. It has a nice and attractive front end interface that is really appealing. Also the backend has a lot of awesome features that are needed for a professional and good blog or news website. Almost all kinds of task can be done using the admin panel without having any kind or programming language knowledge.

This CMS is built using the procedural php and without any framework. For this reason it can be customized easily by any developers.

This CMS script was prepared using the PDO feature of PHP language. For this reason, no SQL injection and XSS attack is possible here and your website will be safe. Also in all pages, admin level security and invalid page url submission checking were done.

Features of MokoCMS script has the following features:

Front end demo:
Admin demo:
Admin login – ( , 1234)
Author login – ( , 1234)

  • Easy and simple interface to use
  • Fully responsive for any kind of device
  • Powerful admin backend like WordPress
  • Clean coding with proper commenting
  • Secured coding against SQL injection
  • Direct access or invalid URL press stopped for each pages
  • Statistics of some data in dashboard
  • Multilevel user management
  • Unlimited category, post and page creation
  • Unlimited advertisement creation in specified positions
  • Unlimited menu creation with dropdown
  • Disqus comment installation section for each post
  • Social Sharing button for each post
  • SEO friendly URL in front end
  • SEO meta data setup for each post, page and category
  • All major social media URL setup for footer social media section
  • Admin/Author Login Panel
  • Advanced Search Button
  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design for any device
  • Cross Browser Support
  • User Subscription
  • Password Change System
  • Easy Installation
  • Change everything such as logo, site title, footer from admin panel
  • Dynamic meta tag add option
  • Secure Blogging System
  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • SEO friendly HTML5 Mark-up

Amzlayer - Amazon Affiliate Sites Builder (Miscellaneous)


Amzlayer is a PHP script that you install on your own website hosting account and you will have a store with millions of products. Email Campaigns Amazon doesn’t allow promoting affiliate links in email campaigns. So you can find the corresponding product page on your Amzlayer site and link that in your emails. Social Media Amazon doesn’t allow you to post affiliate links on social media sites Instagram, Quora, Reddit. Facebook groups usually don’t allow the promotion of affiliate links. In these cases, instead of posting an affiliate link to Amazon on Instagram for example, you can also use the product page on your Amzlayer site and you’ll be fine. Tell Friends Tell your friends and family to buy from Amazon using your site and earn comissions every month. 90 Days Cookie The standard Amazon affiliate link gives you 24 hours for a customer to make a purchase, in order for you to earn a commission. Amazon will extend your cookie by another 89 days if the customer adds a product to their cart (only for the products added to the cart). Amzlayer will add the products to cart on your site before sending the user to Amazon so your users will get the 90 days Amazon cookie. Supported marketplaces This script works with these available marketplaces: US, CA, UK, IN, JP, IT, BR, MX, DE, ES, CN, FR. Amzlayer Gallery Here are some sites running Amzlayer. (US) (UK) (FR) (US) If you want to be listed here, pm me. FAQ What are the requirements to run Amzlayer? You need your own web hosting plan with PHP support. You also need to sign up for free for an Amazon Associates account which gives you access to the Amazon API. How do I install Amzlayer? You just need to upload the files to your desired location on your server and then edit the configuration file with a text editor to enter the information required such as your Associates tag, API keys and marketplace. Does Amzlayer use a database? No database is needed, Amzlayer gets product information directly from Amazon. How do I get the API keys? Please follow the first two steps on this page: Does Amzlayer have an admin area? No, all configuration is done in the configuration file. What’s the difference between the US and non-US marketplaces? The only difference is in the search results. The US marketplace allows results to be filtered by price range, brand name and other options. See the Canadian Marketplace to view the differences:[...]

Venus | Alumni Association (Miscellaneous)


(image) (image) (image) (image)

Career Portal - Online Job Search Script (Miscellaneous)


Career Portal Career Portal is developed for creating an interactive job vacancy for candidates. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic site-requiring constant updates both from the seekers as well as the companies. On the whole the objective of the project is to enable jobseekers to place their resumes and companies to publish their vacancies. It enables jobseekers to post their resume, search for jobs, view personal job listings. It will provide various companies to place their vacancy profile on the site and also have an option to search candidate resumes. Apart from this there will be an admin module for the customer to make changes to the database content. Admin Login User: admin Pass: admin1234 Employer Login User: Pass: demo123456 Seeker Login User: Pass: demo1234 FEATURES Job Provider Job Posting Jobs Statistics Job Seeker. Online CV builder Download CV Administrator. Job Search. Job Seeker Job Seeker can do following: Build Online Resume Download resume View online resume Delete Resume Can view applied jobs Change Password Job Provider / Company Job Seeker can do following: Post New job Manage Posted Jobs View applicant on posted jobs Download Applicants Resume View online Applicants Resume Shortlist applicants on each posted job Check view of posted jobs Edit Profile Change password Administrator Administrator can manage whole website: Site Settings Footer Contact Section Manage complete jobseeker section. Like: activate/deactivate/delete/ edit jobseeker’s information. Admin user can view the jobseeker’s applications for each job. Manage complete employer section. Admin user can activate/deactivate/delete/edit company information. Manage posted jobs. Like: activate/deactivate/delete/edit/post new job. Post New Jobs Manage Pending Jobs Manage Trainings Manage Companies Create New company from admin panel Resume manager from admin Manage Expert Resume Manage Intern Resume Manage whole website content. Dynamic CMS is included to manage the content of the website. Create admin side multiple users Manage advertise ads Admin can manage Categories Admin can manage Locations Admin can manage Job Level Admin can manage Job Nature Admin can manage Job salary Range Admin can manage Education Level Job Search This module having all current vacant jobs, experience and which client offering that vacancy. INTRODUCTION TO FUNCTIONALITY MAIN WEBSITE: From main website, user can perform following actions: Search jobs on the basis of skills, city, country or job title. Register as a jobseeker or as a job provider. Login to jobseeker or job provider portal. JOB SEEKER: After registration job seeker can perform following actions: Search for jobs Apply Online for desire job Add/Edit profile information including qualification, experience, and skills. Build his resume by using CV builder functionality of the website. Download resume. JOB PROVIDER / COMPANY: After registration job provider can perform following action: Add / Edit company’s profile Post new job vacancies Edit / Deactivate posted jobs Job provider can see the list of jobseekers who has applied for the job Job provider can see and download the jobseeker’s r[...]

Blogify - Content Management System (Miscellaneous)


(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)


Simple and easy to use content management system.


+ Easy to manage
+ Highlight Post
+ Easy to monetize
+ Post Share Option
+ SEO Friendly URL
+ Disqus comment system
+ Lazy Image Loading
+ Multiple Authors Support
+ Built on Laravel Framework



Admin Panel



Password: demopassword

Codeigniter User Management System, Ion-Auth, HMVC and Flat Lab Admin Theme (Miscellaneous)


Where you get Quaility Work. CodeIgniter Login with ion auth Library is a CodeIgniter based login and backend application to use as a starter kit for new projects. The login and registration system is completely taken care of members can get authorization rapidly with social accounts OR creating their own account. It provides secure login, authentication, authorization and complete user management. The development is ongoing and improving. New features will also be added and current features will be improved based on buyer comments. FEATURES Built with latest version of Code Igniter 3.1.6. Built with latest version of CI login library Ion auth 2. Ready with HMVC Social Login (Facebook,Twitter,Google,Instagram,Linkedin). Role-based access control (RBAC), Roles and Permissions. Google reCAPTCHA on registration. Flat Lab Admin theme. Print pages with Dompdf. Print pages with Mpdf. Ion Auth is extremely configurable. Multiple language support. Secure user registration and login. Lost Password page, to allow users to reset their password. Secure password algorithm using Bcrypt. Enable or Disable Remember Me feature on login. Enable or Disable Email Activation for new user’s registration. Create Groups / Roles. Assign groups to users. Server side form validation. Client side validation with Jquery validation Admin & other User’s have their own access. Activate & Deactivate Users. Maximum Login Attempts. Is max login attempts exceeded. Increase Login Attempts. Account Lock Time. User cookies Extend on Login. Extend User Expiry Time. Track login attempts. Clear login attempts. Get login attempts num. Layout ( Boxed Page,Horizontal Menu,Mega Menu,Email Template ). Dashboard with Staff Full Feature Frontend SECURITY XSS Filtering CSRF protection Password hashing Validate input data Admin Login Email : Pass: password. Member Login Email: pass: password. FRONT-END TEMPLATE Watch Front End Demo Codeigniter User Management System will be kept up-to-date to reflect the latest changes and new versions of the CodeIgniter framework. . «If any question then Don’t be afraid to ask. I’m always interested in knowing your issues as it might help me fine-tune this product. »[...]

Restulator - Restaurant Management System in Laravel 5.5 with Pusher and jQuery (Miscellaneous)



Restaurant Management System

Video Demo : Demo
Login details :
Admin :
email :
pass : 123456
Manager :
email :
pass : 123456
Waiter :
email :
pass : 123456
kitchen :
email :
pass : 123456

Build Tools

  • Laravel 5.5
  • Pusher &
  • jQuery


  • Easy to install
  • Live Kitchen – (Kitchen with real time data)
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Dish management
  • Order management
  • Kitchen management
  • Waiter management
  • Income Report
  • Expanse Report
  • Dish Report
  • Waiter Report
  • Kitchen Report

Online Web Proxy (Miscellaneous)


Online web proxy hide you from the Internet. You don’t need install any plugin or software. You can surf the Internet with anonymity.


  • You can translate easily your language.
  • 4 Working Modes
    • No encoding of any sort. People can link to proxy pages directly
    • Base64 encoding only, people can hotlink to your proxy
    • Unique to the IP address that generated it. A person that generated that URL, can bookmark it and visit it and any point
    • Unique to that session and IP address – URL no longer valid anywhere when that browser session that generated it ends
  • Support most popular video websites.

oClassifieds - PHP and Laravel Geo Classified ads cms (Miscellaneous)


oClassified is a PHP and laravel geo-location based classified cms. Almost zero coding required to build a most advance classified website. oClassified is a complete classifieds application solution with feature-rich classified scripts. Our classified is SEO Friendly and ready to meet search engine with highly data crawlable. We followed the latest standard in every section. The search engine will be welcome it’s URL, breadcrumb, images and other data immediately. oClassified is ready to monetize with its built-in Adsense implementation module. You can add any of other monetized system. We catching visitors location to show them ads within their country, this the power of Geo-Location Ads CMS. This is completely responsive and RTL ready. Add any language with its multilingual module. There are four types ads and counting, every type of ads containing special data that need with that type, such as General Ads, Jobs, Car and Vehicles, Auction. Get this php classified scripts and get professional support with regular free updates. Need Support? Support for all our products is conducted through our Support Forum , where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc. Demo Credential Email: Password: 123456 Features Geo Location Support CMS Pages Social Login (Facebook + Google Plus + Twitter) Native Comment Module Facebook Comment Module RTL Integrated Premium Ads Regular Ads Multiple Ads type and specific ads details page (General Ads, Jobs, Car, and Vehicles, Auction) Intelligent Classified script SEO Friendly Sharing Module Intelligent Categorised Ads YouTube and Vimeo video as feature video I mage count or video at ad preview box Related ads in ad details SEO and Micro data ready for better search engine rank Report from frontend for guest or registered user, if they think ad is offensive Unlimited categories and brand create, edit, delete Location (Create, edit, delete) Switching file storage between Local and Cloud without loosing previous resource (Images, files) Page management (You can create any page, such as About Us, Terms and condition, etc) Quick Sign In Clean and Modern Design Multilingual Support PayPal Integrated Stripe Integrated Google Adsense supported Bootstrap 3 CSS Frameworks SEO optimized Translation Support (You need to add language from admin panel)) Social Share for Ads Well commented code. Fully Responsive Amazon S3 Anti-fraud payment algorithm, made by us Free update and support and much more. Before purchase, Please make sure your server meets the following requirements PHP >= 5.6.4 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Any advice? Please tell us about your thought to be improve it by clicking here Change Log Version 1.1 [15 October 2017] Fixed a security issue by preventing XSS attack Geo Location improved Version 1.0 [25 September 2017] 1. Initial Release [...]

Slavlee Communications (Miscellaneous)


Slavlee Communication is a chat extension for Typo3 V8.7.x. You can send user text messages and hold them in a contact list. You have the option to block user messages and incoming “add to contact list” – requests.

AdSpace - Sell your ad space (Miscellaneous)


(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)




Admin Panel



Password: demopassword

Change log

Fixed issues in advertisement display
Fixed advertise badge issue
Added Perfectmoney IPN

Job Links - Complete Job Management Script (Miscellaneous)


Job Links is best and most complete job management script with paypal integration. You will get paid by offering premium jobs to employers. It comes with 3 types of users roles Admin, Employer, Job seekers. Everyone will manage their account with elegant dashboard. There is a very powerful admin panel for admins to manage each and everything of website. It will provide various companies to place their vacancy profile on the site and also have an option to search candidate resumes. Apart from this there will be an admin module for the customer to make changes to the database content. (image)

Admin Account

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 123456

Employer Account

  • Username: Alica
  • Password: 123456

Job Seeker Account

  • Username: Job_seeker
  • Password: 123456



  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel 5.4
  • Jobs Management
  • Interviews
  • Job Categories
  • Job Seekers
  • Search Jobs
  • Resume Search
  • Resume Managmenet
  • Applicants Managmenet
  • Pages
  • Cities
  • 3 users roles
  • SEO Settings
  • Paypal Integration
  • Company Profile
  • Manage Premium Jobs
  • SMTP Setting
  • Profile Management
  • Apply Jobs
  • Manage Interviews

iCRM System ( Customer/leads Management System ) (Miscellaneous)


iCRM System is a mini enterprise resource planning system for managing small to medium based Organisation’s. The system, allows you to organize , track and manage all the project tasks within an organisation.

The project features are:- Client management tasks and todo list and management Leads management

Job monitoring Regular track keeping of reports on daily and monthly basis


2017 Oct 28 – Version 1.3

Solved contact list bug.

2017 Oct 11th – Version 1.2

Improve security update

Uber Converter - Super Unit Converter (Miscellaneous)


The beautiful Bootstrap Design user interface allows conversion in 14 different categories to convert any unit. You can convert most of the day to day usage of units to your requirements. This application becomes of utmost usage for students and teachers. Converting units is very easy just select the units and enter your value. It consists of following categories (image)


  • Acceleration
  • Angle
  • Area
  • Storage
  • Current
  • Fuel
  • Length
  • Mass
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Voltage
  • Volume

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets (JS / PHP) (Miscellaneous)


About Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets Widgets

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets Widgets plugin allows you to easily add various types of widgets with live cryptocurrency quotes to your website. Widgets are added by injecting short PHP snippets (similar to WordPress shortcodes) to a web page.

Plugin features

  • More than 1500 cryptocurrencies are supported, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash, Waves.
  • The major cryptocurrency quotes are updated in real-time (without page refresh) as new trades are made.
  • Cryptocurrency prices can be displayed in almost any fiat currency, including EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY, AUD, CAD, SEK, RUB and others.
  • A variety of color themes and widget templates are available to choose from.
  • Image logos are provided for each cryptocurrency.
  • All modern browsers are supported.

Widget types

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets plugin provides the following widget types:

  • Inline widgets
  • Box widgets
  • Spark charts widgets
  • Leaderboard widgets
  • Table widgets
  • Comparison widgets
  • Scrolling ticker widgets

System requirements

  • PHP 5.4.x or higher
  • JQuery 1.5 or higher

Have a WordPress website? Please have a look at Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress.

Please note that this plugin will NOT work on WIX, WEEBLY and similar site builder platforms.

Stay in touch

Do you have a question or would like to suggest a feature? Contact us and we will do our best to help!

(image) (image)

Rate our product

Please help us to make our product better and rate it with 5 stars. Your support is priceless. (image)

Changes history


iAccount ERP System (Miscellaneous)


iAccount – Accounting Software iAccount ERP System to manage billing, transactions with inventory items, services items and transaction for clients with reports on inventory items, each client, services item and overall debit, credit reports. Uses Charts, graphs, and an intuitive flow-oriented interface to make it quick and easy to get an accurate picture of your finances which helps you to plan your budget. It makes beautiful graphic reports of your Income/Expense/Growth using colourful bar charts, line charts, column charts and pie charts. It can generate accurate reports as well as analyse your expenses and income for specified time periods to identify potential savings and to let you know where your money is going. It can even import/export your transactions in CSV, JSON and XML files and it’s one of the most important features of iAccount. Control your budget in a simple and intuitive flow-oriented interface on your site. You can use it for your personal, family, or company financial control. Know the total outcome or income for a given period of time, a given category or all at once. Using the handy filters, you can know how much you spend in everything in just a couple clicks. You can also print the Income/Expense statements. You can send Invoices to your client with a dynamically generated Template. If you do not want to put much time or effort into budgeting or tracking expenses iAccount is just for you. Default Login Details : Username : admin Password : admin123 Features List: Easy Installation. 100% Dynamic Management System. Fully responsive design for any device Clean Code Cross Browser Support Multi Language Support Simple but Powerful Panel Special security against session hijacking Day Book Voucher Register Ledger Report Billwise Ledger Monthly Ledger Summary Group Summary Outstanding Receivables Outstanding Payables Customer Outstandings Vendor Outstandings Trial Balance Balance Sheet Profit & Loss A/c. Vendor records management Check printing Payment date calculation Advance payment scheduling Purchase order Customer accounts management Invoice creation Sales attributions Recurring invoices Estimating and quoting Sales Management Cash flow Balance sheet Profit and loss Bar-coding Product movement Price management Ready to use API Other features You can add unlimited number of Groups. Ability to add details of his Bank Accounts to keep track of his income/expense. You can add unlimited number of your Customers (clients) and Vendors Information. A number of predefined elements are available by default, such as Countries and their States. This list is customizable and can include your own commonly used elements. More robust Filter function for each view of iAccount. Filter results by date range, category, account… iAccount lets you to add notes Manually as well as Automatically. iAccount lets you track all the activities(like Data Manipulation, Configuration, Import/Export Transactions, Recurring Transaction, Schedules, Notifications, Reminders ). Many more…. Upcoming Features POS (Point Of Sale) System Mobile App Chang[...]

IMDB Parser (Miscellaneous)


Single php file class will extract all movie / series information from IMDB site. It can scrape data by IMDB id or just by movie / series name. Script supports return data as array, json or object. It makes its easy to integrate with any existing system or CMS. The script is disguised as a google bot to prevent block from IMDB. Script requirements is PHP 5+ and CURL extension.

Here the full list of fields that parser can scrape and return: 1) imdbId 2) imdbUrl 3) title 4) original_title 5) language 6) country 7) runtime (image) year 9) rating 10) genres 11) mpaaRating 12) releaseDate 13) tagline 14) plot 15) keywords 16) 3 different size posters 17) is movie at imdb top250 or not 18) oscars number if there any 19) awards num 20) nominations num 21) votes 22) recommendations movies 23) directors 24) writers 25) cast 26) stars 27) producers 28) musicians 29) cinematographers 30) editors 31) storyline 32) alternative names 33) release dates around world 34) images 35) videos (ready for embed)

If you will need more – just request and I will try implement it asap in new version, you will have free lifetime updates and premium support for 3 month

Power Link Shortener (Miscellaneous)


OFFER EXTENDED ON REQUEST Power Link Shortener is a Adfly,linkshrink clone with 100+ countries integrated and power full admin panel with detailed analytics.Check out the demo at

Fast and easy to install with the installation video provided in the documentation.

Admin details: email: password: password

Features :

Includes Referal system admin can decide the referal percentage

1. Google Recaptcha

2. 100+ countries Analytics

3. Paypal Integrated

4. Unique,Raw desktop,mobile analytics

5. Users Reiviews

6.Powerfull Admin Panel

7.Faq,Terms & conditions CMS.

8.Contact admin support

9. Email Verification

10. Advertisements CMS

11. Analytics for individual Links created.

protection from xss,cross site attacks.

Comment for the features you need we’ll add them in the next update

TextTiger Mass SMS Blaster and Auto Responder (Miscellaneous)


TextTiger is PHP script to send mass SMSes. The script allows end users to login and buy SMS packages and send to their contacts. It also allows end users to buy numbers and auto respond to those replies. This app responds to SMS automatically and is able to set a schedule to send SMS in future time. Use various SMS gateways to send bulk SMS Online anywhere with low cost. Twilio resource lets you search for local, toll-free and mobile phone numbers that are available for you to purchase.

Game Ping Tester (Miscellaneous)


Ping test tool runs a diagnostic of your current location against the server closest to your location selected from a pool of game servers.

System Requirements

  • PHP 5 or higher


  • It calculates your ping by your location.
  • Based on official game servers.
  • You can choice different locations.
  • You can translate easily your language.
  • Easy installation system.
  • Very low system resource usage.

Supported games

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
  • World of Tanks

nMon - Website, Service & Server Monitoring (Miscellaneous)


nMon – Website, Service & Server Monitoring nMon enables you to easily monitor the status and health of linux servers, websites, services, IP Blacklists and more. Customizable and reliable alerts keeps you up to date with the status off all you monitors. MAIN FEATURES Dashboard Overview of all your assets with open incidents. Server Monitoring Easily monitor linux server metrics like CPU usage, disk, RAM, network and other with our one line install nMon agent. nMon supports the following distributions CentOS, Red Hat, Cloudlinux, Scientific Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSe, Slackware, Gentoo Linux, Arch Linux. Website Monitoring Monitor your websites with nMon to find out whet it is down or loading slow. Service Monitoring Easily monitor the status of any TCP or UDP service (eg. FTP, SMTP, HTTP, etc.) with checks. Furthermore you can test if your server’s IP address gets blacklisted or your DNS server is not working as expected. If PHP’s exec() function is allowed on your hosting server you can also monitor hosts with ICMP Ping. Alerting & Incidents Highly customizable alerts are available for all checks and metrics. If an alert is triggered an incident will be created and you will get notified instantly. Incidents are closed automatically if the problems resolves itself. Notifications Receive notifications via email, SMS Messages, Pushbullet, Pushover or Twitter direct messages. Supported SMS Gateways: Clickatell, SMS Global, Twilio. Pages Use public pages to display your network status without the need for authentications. Multiple Users and Roles Multiple user accounts and roles are supported. Multi Language Support System can be easily translated to any language. Customizable & Responsive Multiple color schemes and layouts to select from. nMon is 100% responsive. Quick and Easy Installation, Gravatar support, and many more… REQUIREMENTS To run nMon your hosting server must support the following: PHP version 5.4 or greater (PHP 7.1 recommended for best performance) MySQL version 5.x or greater(MariaDB 10 recommended for best performance) PHP PDO MYSQL extension PHP FSOCKOPEN enabled PHP EXEC enabled (optional for ping checks) Cronjobs CHANGELOG Version 1.1 (07 November, 2017) - Pushover notifications support - Twilio SMS Gateway - Service/Process not running alerts - Individual Disk Partition alerts - Bug Fixes Version 1.0 (08 September, 2017) * Initial Release[...]

Dead Man Switch (Miscellaneous)


Dead Man Switch is the most important application in your life that will send email after death to your family and loved ones. Just write a letter before you die and Dead Man Switch will take care of the rest. Once goodbye letters to loved ones are safely stored, Dead Man Switch starts monitoring your activity. In brief, it does so by asking you to login or click a protected verification link at custom intervals. Since your needs are very personal, you can set verification interval between 1 and 365 days. Additionally, you can enable optional grace period. Whenever this time passes by and Dead Man Switch doesn’t detect any activity from you, it automatically sends after death letters to your family and loved ones.

Finally, Dead Man Switch can destruct itself right after sending goodbye letters. As a result, nobody will ever know how many after death letters you wrote and who received them. Say just the things you want and take your secrets to the grave…

The main features include, but are not limited, to:

  • Unlimited message recipients;
  • Custom email templates;
  • Multiple after death letters;
  • Personalized mass text messaging;
  • Adjustable verification period;
  • Automated verification reminders;
  • Grace period for overdue verifications;
  • Automatic and manual verifications;
  • IP address based authentications;
  • Two-way data encryption;
  • Data authenticity protection;
  • Self-destruction after death;
  • Detailed activity reports;
  • Easy setup and zero maintenance;
  • Death proof design;

Not sure if Dead Man Switch suits all your needs? See frequently asked questions for even more features and real-life examples!

No manual download or re-installation is needed! Just open the Software Updates section and confirm this upgrade.

## Version: 1.1 ##
## Release Date: 2017-11-20 ##
## Changelog: ##
Added: option to set separate data cleanup intervals for each item in Database Cleanup section;
Added: option to uninstall your own license via administration dashboard;
Changed: View Verification Reports and View Verifications sections merged into one;
Updated: automatic upgrade module;
Updated: documentation;

See full Dead Man Switch changelog.

Anonymous - Secret Confessions (Miscellaneous)




Anonymous can create a community where you can enter secrets anonymously of all kinds. Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of the script to let your users confessions, secrets, bad figures and more.

We used Bootstrap to develop the layout, so it’s fully responsive and you can navigate comfortably from any mobile device.

Anonymous installs in just 10 min. It is designed for everyone, even for less experienced ones, its installation is very simple and fast! Our staff is at your disposal if you need it, just send an email.

(image) (image)


Administrative Area



12/11/2017 - Released version 2.0


(image) (image)

SecMonit - Web security app (Miscellaneous)


SecMonit is the first web application to regain control of the security of its server. SecMonit can block the most common attacks of bots, scripts and hackers such as SQL injections or denial of service attacks!


SecMonit allows you to quickly and easily set up web page protection, while keeping an eye on its current server configuration.

Through a detailed management panel, it is easy to see the use of the server (hard disk, CPU) but also the last connections.

This web security app comes with powerful admin panel from which you can view all logs, and perform some actions with attackers and hackers.

Need a detailed audit of your server and the files that compose it? With this web application, we integrate a file explorer to detect the most common malicious code, with the possibility of adding your own codes that seems malicious to search the various files of your server. Fast and efficient, this method will counter an attacker if your server has been infected by backdoor or viruses.

Demo :

View demo
Credentials :
Id : demo
Password: demo (image)

Server requierement :

  • -PHP
  • -Curl
  • -MYSQL


Installation Instructions :

- Upload the folder named “SecMonit” on host via FTP
- Create a MySQL database (Your hosting provider can assist)
- Visit your website where you uploaded the files (eg:
- The Installation Wizard will open automatically, just follow the steps. ( or jump to ) .   
- Please make config folder writable ( chmod 777 )


Update details

- Add new pages
- Improve insert system
- Update UI / UX
- Description update

Hospital Management System (Miscellaneous)


Hospital Management System (Codeigniter)

A user friendly and powerful PHP script to manage your hospital data.

Our Hospital Management System is a powerful and easy to use complete management system that allows you to keep track of everything related to the hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, medical institues etc. You can create as many relevant users as you want such as Patient, Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist, Laboratorist, Pharmacist, etc. and assign them different roles and responsibilities. Each user will have their own account and will act according to the permissions assigned to them.

This Hospital Management System provides an integrated set of features to help you manage your hospital data. 

Feature List

  • Manage Patients and Appointments
  • Manage Staff
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Login With Email
  • Password Reset
  • Manage Medicines
  • Manage Prescriptions and Medicine Sales
  • Invite New Users For Registration
  • Restrict Public User Registration
  • Manage User Types
  • Manage Permissions
  • Assign Permission To User Types

Web Project Builder – Hospital Management System Demo
UserName: admin
Password: 123456

Easy Customization (DIY)

This project is configured on an external tool where you can easily add new cruds, modify name of the fields in existing curds (i.e. Patient Entry, Bed Allotment, Blood Bank, Blood Donor, Report, Appointment, Prescription, Medicine Category, Manage Medicine, Medicine Sales)

Customize Hospital Management System

Note: It’s “Do It Yourself!” (DIY) tool to make customization and add new cruds in the above project.

Ultimate Uptime Monitor (Miscellaneous)


About Ultimate Uptime Monitor Monitor websites with Ultimate Uptime Monitor the better way. Get notified via SMS (Twilio API), browser notifications, web-based notifications and via email as well as notify your sys admins and your hosting provider’s support via email (and SMS) automatically whenever your server goes down. Get detailed stats reports (per minute, hour, day, month, year) for response time and uptime of your websites. Also export stats for above-mentioned ranges as Excel file. Features Host on your own server Unlimited websites (servers) Unlimited users Sends notifications to your hosting provider’s support, to your sys admins and others Browser notifications with sound SMS alert via Twilio API Email alerts Monitors uptime Monitors the response time of your server View or export (excel) detailed stats reports (minute, hour, day, month, year) Ultimate Uptime Monitor keeps checking your all websites day and night (via CRON) and it instantly notifies your website hosting provider’s support via email letting them know that the websites are down. Moreoever, the tool can send emails/SMS to your sys admin and other members in your team. All these options are available on each server’s setting page. You can customize the email/SMS templates according to each receiver to communicate with them the way you like. So buy the script now, set up on your server, add your websites and say goodbye to your all worries regarding your online business. Let Ultimate Uptime Monitor take the care of your servers and inform the responsible persons whenever any incident occurs. * SMS notifications require you to have a Twilio subscription and then you need to set the API credentials on settings page of Ultimate Uptime Monitor. Demo P.S. In demo mode, all form input elements are disabled. You can just view a readonly demo to see all available features in the tool Demo URL: Documentation URL: Support URL: Login credentials for demo (email and password) are pre-filled Changelog Version 1.2 (November 17, 2017) New Features: - Incident (downtime) highlighting on graph - Incident logging / reporting - Server labels are now editable Changes: - Fixed a major bug related to stats reporting - Some other UI tweaks Version 1.1 (September 18, 2017) New Features: - Added custom settings for uptime check interval - Added hosting provider notification email - Added sys admin notification email/SMS option - Added additional users notification email option - Email and SMS templates are customizable (Support some selected shortcodes as well) - Added a standard user role (Users can register or they can be added by admins as standard users so they can monitor their websites) Changes: - Made improvements to the notifica[...]

Sinewave CMS (Miscellaneous)


Sinewave CMS is the CMS for one of our trending theme of themeforest.

Password: 123456

TWF Total Video Details | PHP Class (Miscellaneous)


PHP Class to get video information from a URL.

  • Features:
    • 1- Supports most popular video websites as “Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion” and will support more soon
    • 2- Automatic video service detection and get relevant information from the correct API
    • 3- Supports embed videos for all services
    • 4- Fetch all information needed from video from url

Information you can get: - id - title - description [either plain text, or formated text] - views count - likes count - dislikes count (youtube) - comments count - author/user - channel title (youtube) - url - thumbnail “all available sizes” - publish date “you can set your preferred format” - video duration “in seconds”

Why “TWF Total Video Details”

- perfect and well commented code - very detailed documentation - easy to use and setup - have check methods to check if data available before printing it

Credits: Icons used in live demo from FindIcons

Crypto Currency Converter (Miscellaneous)


See the live Bitcoin to US Dollar exchange rate. Convert amounts to or from USD (and other currencies) with this simple Bitcoin calculator.

This script allows to convert over 1,000 crypto currencies. Easy and fast installation only 5 minutes or less.


  • No Database Required
  • Friendly URL
  • SEO Ready
  • Server Performance
  • No API KEY Required
  • Responsive Design
  • Advertising Ready
  • 300KB Code (Light Code)
  • Donation Ready (BTC, LTC … ) Customizable
  • Real Time Prices
  • CSRF Protection
  • HTTPS Support


  • Operating System: Linux
  • Web Server: Apache
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or Higher
  • Mod_rewrite enable

Ethereum Live Trading (Miscellaneous)


About Ethereum Live Trading

Ethereum Live Trading is a PHP/JS script for sharing Ethereum exchange trades on real-time.
Your visitors will love to see Ethereum latest price with this great script.

Theme Colors

You can select the display color, check the themes available:

  • red
  • purple
  • deep-purple
  • indigo
  • blue
  • light-blue
  • teal
  • green
  • orange
  • deep-orange
  • brown
  • blue-grey


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Laravel Vue SPA Bootstrap Admin Starter Kit (Miscellaneous)


What is Laravel Vue SPA Admin Starter Kit? Laravel is the most popular PHP framework since since its inception. Vue is new but its gaining lots of attention from all over the world since last 1 year. You can generate some awesome apps by combining Laravel & Vue. There are many Laravel+Vue starter kit available but none of them are complete enough to get started. Some lacks with basic functionality like authentication, some with sample CRUD module, some with responsive layout etc. I tried to create one starter kit with some basic features like authentication, registration, user profile with a sample task module which is built on latest version of bootstrap.This script can be handy enough for your new Laravel+Vue project & will surely speed-up your project development time. If you are working first time on Laravel+Vue or learning Vue then this is perfect script to get started. Instead of developing your project from scratch, you can choose to start with our script & use the basic features with few clicks. You will also get a responsive bootstrap 4.0 beta theme by ( to give awesome experience to you/your clients. This script will be updated regularily with latest version of framework & plugins. Please share your feedback, feature request which will be surely implemented in upcoming versions. What are the pre-requisites to install this script? Here are list of pre-requisites which is required to install this script: PHP 7.0 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Mcrypt PHP Extension What does it include? Here are list which is included in this script: Built with Laravel 5.5 Vue 2.1.10 Responsive Bootstrap 4.0.0 beta REST Api Speed-up development with Laravel Mix-Webpack Browser Sync Support Sass JSON based authentication, Uses tymon/jwt-auth Single Page Application (SPA), Uses Vue Router Vuex for data flow Pagination Datepicker Ranger Slider What modules are available with Laravue Starter Kit? Here are list of modules which is available in this script: User Authentication Social oAuth Reset Password User Registration User Activation User List User Profile Change Password User Avatar Sample Todo Module Sample Task Module with Create, Update, Delete feature Task status & progress FAQ’s Does this script include all source code with unminified version? Yes, this includes everything, including composer.json, package.json, webpack.mix, different plugins and all in it. Where can I access documentation? All the documentation is available at which you can access online. In case you[...]

Litecoin Live Trading (Miscellaneous)


About Litecoin Live Trading

Litecoin Live Trading is a PHP/JS script for sharing Litecoin exchange trades on real-time.
Your visitors will love to see Litecoin latest price with this great script.

Theme Colors

You can select the display color, check the themes available:

  • red
  • purple
  • deep-purple
  • indigo
  • blue
  • light-blue
  • teal
  • green
  • orange
  • deep-orange
  • brown
  • blue-grey


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Bitcoin Live Trading (Miscellaneous)


About Bitcoin Live Trading

Bitcoin Live Trading is a PHP/JS script for sharing Bitcoin exchange trades on real-time.
Your visitors will love to see Bitcoin latest price with this great script.

Theme Colors

You can select the display color, check the themes available:

  • red
  • purple
  • deep-purple
  • indigo
  • blue
  • light-blue
  • teal
  • green
  • orange
  • deep-orange
  • brown
  • blue-grey


You can add/modify html code with Materialize to bring amazing design to your visitors. Ads can be placed in pre-built sections.


All Search Engine Optimisation is implemented.
Easy to get indexed by Google & Bing or shared on Facebook.